a NEW photo challenge {urban}


Happy Sunday! I came across a photo challenge with the theme “urban” over at “A Day in the Life” blog, but I’m not sure who started the challenge (???). But I thought I had a good one to play along with….this photo was taken in downtown Toronto last month.  Toronto is such a huge city! But, these planters were a bright spot amongst the concrete, noise, and hustle and bustle! Note to self: make a trellis of pussy willows next spring! So pretty!

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW addition to my garden


Happy Friday!

So, where do you put your small garden tools? I made this handy-dandy mosaic mailbox for my garden to hold my gloves, spade, garden snipers and even a little notebook where I tape all the plant tags – you know, the instruction-thingy that tells you how to care for the plant?  I put that in a plastic bag with tape, pencil and reading glasses.  I’m all set in my garden! I LOVE it!

Can you tell I spelled out GROW with the broken up tiles?  On the other side I spelled out BLOOM. My hubby earned his way through college doing tile work, so now even though he’s a finance guy, we never pay anyone to do any tile work at our house – and that means I have plenty more tile scraps to do more projects.  This was my very first mosaic attempt and now I plan to make some garden stepping stones etc.

Here’s the front view:


Isn’t it amazing what a boost something NEW and different brings to life?!?

Have a great day! Let me know know what’s NEW with YOU!


a NEW thought Thursday


Happy Thursday! I love this quote because it is so true.  I know some people who are just naturally considerate.  They notice things about people.  They naturally go out of their way to be considerate and kind.  I want to be more like them! Sadly, I tend to live in my small, busy little world and go about my own business. I wish I had the natural talent of being a noticer…a thoughtful observer…a naturally considerate human being. Although it doesn’t come naturally, I’m going to work at being such a person. Perhaps eventually it may become second nature!

Have a great day!  Go and notice something or someone NEW!

a NEW photo of my week


Happy Friday!  When I saw that Cee’s Flower of the Day was Blackeyed Susans, I quickly grabbed this photo to share. One of my sisters that went to Victoria with us last week is named Susan.  My mother says she named her that because Susan had such black eyes when she was a baby.

Anyway, I’ll link up to Cee’s page.  Enjoy your day – and do or learn something NEW!

a NEW collection of Spring photos


Happy Friday!  Well, I tried something NEW and made an e-photo book of Spring photos on Smilebox HERE.

My review of the Smilebox site:  I’d give the site a B.  It was quite easy to use, but I think they could do so much better with more fonts and better photo resizing capability.  It kind of bugs me that it takes a few seconds to load the album (about 8 seconds!….ETERNITY!!!)…but that’s life, I guess. Check it out and let me know what you think!  (Although all photos included in the album have already been previously posted…so nothing really NEW!  :o)

Have a great day!

Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday! I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful SPRING!

Well, the NEW things I want to share this week are some very random things I learned recently at a genealogy conference I attended.  So…in genealogy, we strive to find birth dates, marriage dates, death dates etc…and any additional historical information about marriage customs might just help us do that.  I didn’t previously know what ‘Bundling’ was.   However, now that I know, it probably won’t help me break through any genealogical brick walls, but I have to say it is interesting!

Did you know that sweethearts in the 18th century were not only allowed to sleep together before marriage, but were encouraged to???  It was known as ‘Bundling’ (check out Wikipedia OR This Blog)

I also learned of the history of  the Italian infant abandonment system and its name-assignment practices.  (Terrific article HERE)  I found it so sad that unwed mothers could anonymously abandon their babies in a rotating wheel that was on an outside wall of a hospital!  Wow.

That’s it for that random stuff.  Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!





a NEW Texture Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!  I was going to save this post for my ‘Thursday Thought’, but just couldn’t wait.  (If I don’t get a post published for Thursday, you’ll know why! :o)

My breath was taken away when I noticed these beauties yesterday!  I had to walk that same path today, this time with my camera, and capture their loveliness!

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!

Linking to Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday