NEW photos of random cuties



Happy Tuesday! I had to share these cute children with you today!

Don’t you love it when you can get pics of cute little random kidlets but don’t have to worry about posting them because they aren’t recognizable?  And you don’t have to worry about getting their parent’s permission to share their cuteness with others? I still remember the thrill of getting {this pic} of these sisters a few years ago.

This top pic is my favorite…randomly taken at the tulip festival in Ottawa, Canada.

These cute twins below are a bit more recognizable.  So, if any of you know them, I’ll take this one down if necessary. :o)


Have a great day!  Do something NEW!

Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


{Son #1}

Happy Monday!

Last week I mentioned I had found my lost notebook of ‘Kid Quotes’ in my quest to do my 40-days of organizing.  I thought I’d share a few words of wisdom from the mouth of these cute babes  (which was YEARS ago!) That way, if I lose the notebook again, I won’t sweat it so much! You’ll notice the quotes that I recorded dwindled and dwindled and dwindled.  By son #4, I obviously was burned out…or had heard it all….or was just plain too lazy to record his ‘quotes’.  Yes, I feel the guilt! :o)


Son #1 was obviously accustomed to seeing only crescent, half-moons etc.  One night as we were driving home, he commented on the moon being in the shape of a circle.  I responded, “That’s what we call a full-moon”. Son #1: “Why? Because it ate too much?”

While watching fireworks at our city’s annual celebration, son #1 say “They go up and then drip down!”

After hearing his parents comment about his younger brother’s “cat naps”,  a few days later he asked his younger brother, “Did you have a nice kitty nap?”

When doing a puppet play when son #1 was 3 years old, he said, “This is a big, bad wolf, and he is a nice big bad wolf.”

When son #1 was asked whether after playing with his friend, if he could nicely come out to the car when it was time to go, son #1 answered, “Probably”.

Bryson{Son #2}


One day, son #2 pushed son #3’s hair back off his forehead and said, “Him Daddy”.  (Dad was balding :o)

Another day, son #2 cleared some shoes out of his Dad’s closet and said “Look what I’m doing for our husband, mom!”

In September 1996, our church put on a children’s program during the Sunday Sacrament service.  His primary class of 3-year old’s sang “I am a Child of God”.  Son #2 sang at the very top of his lungs, while the rest of the class either didn’t sing at all, or sang very quietly!  The congregation members talked about it for weeks and even months afterward!

For quite a few days on son #2’s way out the door to school, he’d yell “too-da-loo”  (tout a` l’heure), so I started saying it back to him. One day he said, “You don’t always have to say it in Spanish”.


{Son #3}

Son #3 saw son #4 sucking on his fingers and yells, “Daddy, Daddy! Dallin’s eating himself!”

Son #3 often heard his older brothers say “Scout’s Honor”, or “Pinky Swear” when they were promising to do something.  Son #3 wanted to promise something but said “Pinky Scouts” instead.


{Son #4}


That’s it for today’s miscellany!  Have a great day.  Do something NEW!

a NEW reflection photo of my week #50


Reflection.  Such a good thing! This bridge was just outside our hotel room in Portland, Oregon last week.  I hope this photo will remind me to stop and reflect more often.

Also…I’ve been very excited lately to learn some close friends and family are expecting babies soon.  I LOVE children!  They are such a blessing!…and I whole-heartedly agreed with this video’s message:

Having Children In Faith

Happy Sunday!  Do or learn something NEW!






a NEW exploring experience

exploritorium {source}

I’m SUPER excited to do some NEW exploring in the next several months! I’ll be volunteering at at NEW exhibit in our area that’s all about exploring science and art. It’s a traveling exhibit and last week I went to a training so I could help “facilitate” learning when I volunteer. The trainers were from The Exploritorium in San Francisco and they did a really good job!

Have any of you been to The Exploritorium in SF? It’s now on my list for when we visit there next (not sure when that will be! :o)  But I went to their website and poked around.  It looked like they have some fun online activities and a couple of free apps for iPad that I’m going to check out.

So, it will be a fun NEW experience to watch children (and others)  explore at this new exhibit! It’s called  “The Tinkering Exhibit” and it’s  VERY hands-on!  I’m gonna have FUN!  What NEW thing will you do or learn today?  Hope it’s an awesome day!

NEW Photo of my week #12

lamp post with aspens

As I left for my Sunday shoot this morning, I mentioned to my hubby that I hoped to get some good shots from the car!  So when I returned, he asked me if I had to get out of the car.  The answer was…..yes……once!  I love, loVE, LOVE these statues of children!  To  me, they express the joy that children are in our lives!  I thought it was interesting, since these two statues were in totally separate locations on my Sunday shooting drive this morning!  Best wishes for a great week ahead, everyone!

children statuemother daughter statue

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NEW snowman ideas


It’s snowing!….Still!  :o)  We’ve had a few days of this white stuff, and I’ve noticed more than a few snowmen in my travels.  My wonderful neighbor, a man (I’m guessing in his late 60’s), was out building a snowman on Saturday with his grandchildren.  In prior years, I’ve seen him across the street building one all by himself!  He’s COOL like that! :o)  Then I saw a few really great snowmen ideas on my travels around the internet, so I thought I’d share.   How fun are these???







Try building something NEW with your white stuff today!  (If you’re lucky enough to have some)  Happy Tuesday!