Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


{Son #1}

Happy Monday!

Last week I mentioned I had found my lost notebook of ‘Kid Quotes’ in my quest to do my 40-days of organizing.  I thought I’d share a few words of wisdom from the mouth of these cute babes  (which was YEARS ago!) That way, if I lose the notebook again, I won’t sweat it so much! You’ll notice the quotes that I recorded dwindled and dwindled and dwindled.  By son #4, I obviously was burned out…or had heard it all….or was just plain too lazy to record his ‘quotes’.  Yes, I feel the guilt! :o)


Son #1 was obviously accustomed to seeing only crescent, half-moons etc.  One night as we were driving home, he commented on the moon being in the shape of a circle.  I responded, “That’s what we call a full-moon”. Son #1: “Why? Because it ate too much?”

While watching fireworks at our city’s annual celebration, son #1 say “They go up and then drip down!”

After hearing his parents comment about his younger brother’s “cat naps”,  a few days later he asked his younger brother, “Did you have a nice kitty nap?”

When doing a puppet play when son #1 was 3 years old, he said, “This is a big, bad wolf, and he is a nice big bad wolf.”

When son #1 was asked whether after playing with his friend, if he could nicely come out to the car when it was time to go, son #1 answered, “Probably”.

Bryson{Son #2}


One day, son #2 pushed son #3’s hair back off his forehead and said, “Him Daddy”.  (Dad was balding :o)

Another day, son #2 cleared some shoes out of his Dad’s closet and said “Look what I’m doing for our husband, mom!”

In September 1996, our church put on a children’s program during the Sunday Sacrament service.  His primary class of 3-year old’s sang “I am a Child of God”.  Son #2 sang at the very top of his lungs, while the rest of the class either didn’t sing at all, or sang very quietly!  The congregation members talked about it for weeks and even months afterward!

For quite a few days on son #2’s way out the door to school, he’d yell “too-da-loo”  (tout a` l’heure), so I started saying it back to him. One day he said, “You don’t always have to say it in Spanish”.


{Son #3}

Son #3 saw son #4 sucking on his fingers and yells, “Daddy, Daddy! Dallin’s eating himself!”

Son #3 often heard his older brothers say “Scout’s Honor”, or “Pinky Swear” when they were promising to do something.  Son #3 wanted to promise something but said “Pinky Scouts” instead.


{Son #4}


That’s it for today’s miscellany!  Have a great day.  Do something NEW!

miscellaneous monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  Don’t you just LOVE all the colors of spring???  I’m in heaven!  We recently took a trip to St George in southern Utah – also known as Utah’s Dixie because it’s so warm there.  Their flowers bloom probably a good month or more before ours do, so it was fantastic to visit there and do some shooting.  It snowed here just a couple of days ago!

In other miscellany:

I’ve been doing a ton of genealogy research on my husband’s lines in preparation of being an “Ancestral Tourist” next week.  We are heading to Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec where his  people are from.  I haven’t previously done much research in Canada, but have found good success.  My research tip of the day, is to check out BMS2000.org.

What I’ve been reading:


I’m working through Youngblood Hawke which is on my 12 Classics Book Challenge  but it’s such a beast, I’ve had to put it down to get Dragonwyck read for book club, and The Darkling Bride read before it was due back to the library (my friend is a friend of the author and recommended it, so I wanted to get it read before the library gave me a fine! :o).  So I’ll get back to Youngblood Hawke now. Wish me luck in finishing it before I have another reading deadline! :o)

I finished up my Organizing Challenge!  AND happy day! Guess what I found that I though I’d lost forever?  My notebook where, years ago, I had written down a few “cute” little things my boys would say. Yay! Sadly however, I didn’t keep up on writing down what my youngest son said.  He really got left out!  I probably took less photos of him too.  Oh, the woes of a youngest child!

So, that’s it for today’s miscellaneous items.  Have a great day and go ahead…try to do something NEW today!






a NEW class for the NEW year


Well, it’s a NEW year and I’m taking a NEW class!  I’m excited!  The class is on how to do family history.  I LOVE doing family history (as my previous post mentioned) and I’ve already taken a LOT of classes on the subject, so I’m hoping to learn something NEW!

{I can’t wait for the day when teachers can scan your brain cells to see what you already know, and then go ahead and teach you what you don’t know!  Ha!  Someone please get busy on that invention, RIGHT AWAY OK?!?!!! :o)}

Everyone MUST should visit The Thinking Closet and check out the journaling she did about her ancestors!  SO FUN!


Also, I thought I’d share a list of ways to start working on your family history. Family History DOES NOT just mean names on a pedigree chart!

1 Think about your ancestors

2 Celebrate important dates in the lives of your ancestors.

3 Make a family calendar of these important dates

4 Make plans now for how to pass on family heirlooms and documents

5 Copy documents of your family for each child as they leave home

6 Gather and label old photographs

7 Visit cemeteries where ancestors are buried, record headstone information

8 Start a timeline for each of your children

9 Write about a typical day in the life of you, your spouse, or your child

10 Keep trip journals when on family vacations

11 Record family stories and legends

12 Write a paragraph about every living relative you personally know

13 Frame and display photos of family members and ancestors in  your home

14 Index your journals.  List important events and where they can be found (page numbers, or dates)

15 Create a map and pinpoint locations of your ancestors and their migration

Is there something on this list you could start with?  Have a terrific day and learn or do something NEW!

a NEW endeavor (wish me luck)


Hi all!  Ok…here’s my announcement:  I am committed to taking a photo a day of our normal, every day family life and making some sort of Project Life scrapbook after 30 days.  You know, I do have a smart phone, and it has been “reminding” me to do this for some time now!  How come I haven’t been do it?  Dunno!  But today I started and by blogging about it and saying that I’m committed….well, I’ll let you know.  Yes, I really want to do this, so in 30 days I’ll report.  Then soon after, I’ll show you my 30 day scrapbook.

I made scrapbooks for each of my boys when they were little, but since they’ve become teenagers, well….they simply don’t stop long enough for me to take their pictures very often.  I loved watching them flip through their ‘books’ when they were younger.  I loved that they felt special to have a book ‘All About Them’!  And that’s still important….so again, I’m committed!  If the photo above was taken within this 30 days and was in the Project Life scrapbook, I know my boys would love reminiscing about watching that lizard (or whatever it technically is) climb up the side of the building in Grand Cayman after they swam with the dolphin.  Fun times!  Maybe I’ll have to cheat and include that one anyway :o)

If this is something you’d like to try, there are tons of great ideas to get you started. I just bookmarked “9 Clever Ideas for Project Life from Pinterest” at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking for some inspiration.

What NEW thing are  you going to do or learn today?