Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

How’s this for random?…a snapshot of the turkey who¬†wanders around our neighborhood. ūüôā

Additional miscellaneous stuff…I recently watched ‘In the Heart of the Sea”¬†and I think Ron Howard does an excellent job at directing movies! ¬†As you may know, one of my hobbies is family history research and I had just recently read a newspaper article about a early cousin of mine who had worked on whale boats for a few years. ¬†So that element made the movie that much more interesting to me. Plus, I didn’t realize (before I watched the movie) the extent that people depended on whale oil for lighting their lanterns etc. Interesting! Here’s a clip of my cousin’s adventures:



Also…I gotta share what I’ve been reading lately. ¬†Thanks to the recommendation from¬†BookClub Mom, I just finished ‘All the Light We Cannot See’. ¬†It was a very good story with an interesting writing format. Tip: ¬†Be sure to pay attention to the date headers! ūüôā


And that’s about it for this Monday! ¬†Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!


Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday! So, now everyone knows the exact view I have from my office at work! I just walked straight from my desk about three steps and clicked this pic out the window with my phone.¬† How’s that for random?!?

And…some other random stuff:

We went to a NEW restaurant last month and really liked the hummus they served there…so I’m going to try this Taco Hummus and see if it even comes close.¬† I’ll keep you posted.

We went to see the King’s Singers recently and I learned that they performed some of their very best pieces as encores!¬† (They¬†did about four encores!)¬† I really liked the “I’m A Train” piece.¬† Wowza! This group is obviously not the same group¬†we saw last week, but they sang just as fast!

Lastly, I want to take TheGenealogyGirl’s challenge and write down 10 family history story ideas/prompts every week – an idea she got from former Governor Leavitt’s Keynote speech at RootsTech:

Mike Leavitt told us that he tricked himself into writing his personal history by making a quick list of stories worth telling ‚Äď just a word or phrase that would remind him.¬† This list started with 10 items, then 100, then 1,000.¬† Eventually he wrote these stories out.

So here’s this week’s

1. In honor of Gov Leavitt’s little brother (whom I spent a lot of time with in High School)…memories of band ( H.S. and College).
2. Dad’s frugality (examples of)
3. Learning to drive (and being in car while older siblings learned to drive.
4. Horseback riding (everyone’s stories of getting bucked off :o)
5. Memories of Grandma Anderson
6. Most embarrassing moments
7. Meeting the in-laws for the first time
8. Kindergarten (can anyone remember?)
9. Favorite school teacher
10. Memories of Sacrament Meeting (Frank tells the story of someone trying not to laugh out loud, but someone plugs their nose so then they snort even louder. Getting sherbet for a treat, if good in church.

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!


Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!


Okay…yeah, I might be!¬† Cemetery…with a beautiful Hawaiian ocean scene…me with my camera = SUCH a good vacation¬†day! :o)¬† Yet, too bad I don’t have any Hawaiian ancestors.

Other miscellaneous family history stuff:

Learn your lineage through your feet (!???!)

Got Quaker ancestors?  I wanna be like Zooey Deschanel and go to Swarthmore College to find mine!  My family history travel bucket list is rather long and getting longer every day.

Have a terrific day!  Do or learn something NEW!



a NEW family history find


Happy Tuesday!¬† I just had to share this NEW family history find that I absolutely LOVE!¬† (Now I know that the love of¬†learning new things must run in my family :o) This Deborah Doty is my 3rd Great Aunt and she learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 100.¬† So Cool…You GO Deborah Doty Girl!

Have a terrific day!¬† Do or learn something new…no matter your age!

NEW photos of my week and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday!  You might recall a post back in June, went I mentioned we went for a hike hoping to find these wildflowers, but found snow instead.  Well, this is hike-take-two.  The meadows were filled with wildflowers and we even hiked further up to this lake:


For today’s short sermon, I’ll simply link to this really well-done video (HERE) ¬†about how important family is and how one man found his grandfather’s army weapon after his funeral…and how important researching his grandfather’s¬†life was to him.

Have a terrific day!  Do or learn something NEW!

Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

Do you recognize this little fence and gate?¬† It’s the same gate as my very favorite fall photo from last year…no, two years ago!¬† Apparently someone put the gate back on its hinges.¬† Artistically,¬†I’m not sure I appreciate that! :o)

Also…speaking of hinges…I finally searched for a website that I was told had all of Jeanne P Lawler’s music on it.¬† Jeanne was a dear friend of our family.¬† She passed away a¬†couple of years ago, but her music lives on!¬† {Here’s the website}¬† She wrote the music to the children’s song “Hinges“.¬† What an awesome lady she was!¬† I’m going to have to find the photo of her pulling up her pant legs to show off her crazy socks on our Alaskan cruise!¬† You’ll love it…(when I find it!)

Lastly…I had to share this reference guide for Quaker family history research at Ancestry.com.¬† Such good information!¬† I’ve got to get to work…my family history research has been lagging lately.

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!





a NEW very tragic family history find

Fatal Barn Raising Accident June 1899

Hey!¬† Happy Friday!¬† I haven’t been out shooting lately {I really need to before the fall colors disappear!}…but I’ve been spending hours and hours and hours on family history.¬† I think I’ll take a break and at least do the dishes. :o)

I thought I’d share the story of one family I’ve been researching.¬† They¬†had a very sad week in June of 1899.¬† A brother and a brother-in-law were helping with a barn raising and something went terribly wrong and the wall they were putting up crashed down on them (and other men).¬† The two family members died and then one of their wives died from the shock of hearing of her husband’s death!¬† (Now I’m just so curious to know if she had a weak heart to begin with, OR WHAT?!?…I don’t think I’ll ever know.)¬† Sad times!

Ok…the dishes are calling my name.¬† Have a great weekend!¬† Do or learn something NEW!

a great NEW family history success story (not my own)


Happy Sunday!¬† As many of you may know, I adore doing family history research.¬† I also adore listening to genealogy success stories.¬† So here’s one for you: The two elderly sisters above were separated at birth in England and then reunited 78 years later.¬† Isn’t that great!¬† You can listen to the story HERE.¬† Their story goes from the 2 minute mark to the 4 minute mark¬†into this program…(just a tip, so you don’t have to listen to all the other business :o)

And here’s a family history quote to ponder today:

“If you don’t know history, you don’t know anything. 

You‚Äôre a leaf that doesn‚Äôt know it‚Äôs part of a tree.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄďMichael Crichton, Timeline, Knopf

Have a great day!  Do something NEW!




a NEW family history find


Hi all!¬† I just had to share these¬† “Before and After” photos!¬† As I previously mentioned, my travels to Minnesota was mainly to do family history work while my husband went to a conference.¬† I already had some vital information on this family member, but more sources and proof¬†of correct research is ALWAYS a good thing, right?¬† All I can say is: THANK GOODNESS FOR KIND AND HELPFUL CEMETERY GROUNDS-KEEPERS!!!!¬†¬†Wow!¬† I probably would never¬†have found this gravestone!¬† You can see in the first photo, that the stone was pretty well hidden!¬† I had called the cemetery office and found out the section, row and grave…but even with that info, it was hard to know when the section began, which direction the rows started etc.¬† I had been working for a while when a VERY KIND worker drove up in his red truck¬†and asked if I needed help finding a grave.¬†¬† I told him the information…so he found the row, then¬†paced off the grave number and WHHAAALAAA!¬† He Nailed it!¬† SpOT ON!¬†First Try!¬†{Thank you SO much, kind worker in the red truck!!}

Have a great day!  Do or Learn (or FIND) something NEW!

Mothers of all generations….Happy Mothers Day!

Marian Anderson #2

Happy Mothers day! I just had to share my favorite photo of my own Mother (who is now in her 80’s).¬†¬† Doesn’t she look so sweet?

Mother’s Day is a good day to remember that Mothers and Fathers sacrifice a lot¬†for their families.¬† I really liked this ‘Ode To Mothers’ video on Ancestry.com’s YouTube channel.


Family historians seem to forget about the mothers sometimes….just because they are trying¬†to trace the paternal lines back another generation.¬† I’m traveling to Minnesota this summer and hope to research my husband’s great-grandmother that immigrated there.¬† From what we know, it looks like she immigrated before she was married, but her parents were still in Norway.¬† Did she travel alone?¬† Why did she come?¬† What was her life like?¬† Mothers of all generations are a part our families and it’s good to have a day to honor them all.¬† Have a lovely day celebrating Motherhood!