a NEW family history find


Hi all!  I just had to share these  “Before and After” photos!  As I previously mentioned, my travels to Minnesota was mainly to do family history work while my husband went to a conference.  I already had some vital information on this family member, but more sources and proof of correct research is ALWAYS a good thing, right?  All I can say is: THANK GOODNESS FOR KIND AND HELPFUL CEMETERY GROUNDS-KEEPERS!!!!  Wow!  I probably would never have found this gravestone!  You can see in the first photo, that the stone was pretty well hidden!  I had called the cemetery office and found out the section, row and grave…but even with that info, it was hard to know when the section began, which direction the rows started etc.  I had been working for a while when a VERY KIND worker drove up in his red truck and asked if I needed help finding a grave.   I told him the information…so he found the row, then paced off the grave number and WHHAAALAAA!  He Nailed it!  SpOT ON! First Try! {Thank you SO much, kind worker in the red truck!!}

Have a great day!  Do or Learn (or FIND) something NEW!