Miscellaneous Monday…NEW random stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  I just got home from yoga and thought I’d hurry and post a few miscellaneous items before heading off to work.  So…along with this random waterwheel photo from my archives, I thought I’d share a good app that my son recommended.  He’s a bodybuilder type and we recently asked him about some specific exercises we should be doing.  He said, ‘Just download Body Space app’…which I did.  They have an exercise database which I really like!  No more getting bored of the same ol’ exercises for different body parts.  You all know I love NEW stuff!

Also, here’s a good video clip.  I’m fascinated with accelerated learning:

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

a NEW app and NEW sites to enjoy


There’s nothing like waking up to the aches and flu-like symptoms to start a weekend off!  I took a sick-day off work today and I’m hoping these symptoms get better instead of worse!  So while I’m resting and trying to feel better I visited a few websites that always seem to inspire me, but I haven’t gone to for quite a while.  I know they always have good stuff, but life is life and I don’t normally have hours to spend on the computer 🙂  I know you know what I’m sayin’!

So!…I’ve rediscovered a few:

I think I’ve mentioned this site before, but it’s such a motivating site for my photography efforts.  Check it out if you haven’t yet….it’s called Light StalkingGood stuff!

Now, you all know I LOVE doing or learning or reading NEW things.  I’m also interested in how I can accelerate learning.  That subject is a fascinating one for me.  So today I took the time to watch 5D Secrets of Accelerated Learning.  It was about an hour long, but I really liked it.  Loved, loVED, LOVED Tanya Moore’s accent!  Good stuff!

And lastly, I found a NEW app I want to use.  It’s call Stuck on Earth and I heard about it from the Digital Photography School’s newsletter that came in my email.  I was reading the article about 5 Creative Ways to Find New Locations to Photograph and they recommended this app.  Sounds very cool, so I’m going to download it soon.

Have a GREAT day!  Learn or DO something NEW!

ps. You may know that my goal is to post photos from my own stash whenever possible, but sorry, I don’t have a picture of me being sick (thank goodness….what an awful sight!)  So in honor of the snow that appeared on the ground this morning, I’m posting a my favorite winter scene from last year.

learning something NEW (flamboyance)


Well, you all know I love, loVE, LOVE learning something NEW!  I was recently visiting gembobs crafts and really enjoyed reading through the ’50 Happy Facts to get you in the mood for life’!  AND…I learned something new! (see happy fact number 31)    I did not know (or if I once knew, I soon forgot) that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.  COOL! :o)  Other terms are: colony, flurry, regiment or stand of flamingos.

I took this pic at a nearby aviary last summer and right when I was going to get some really good pics of these flamingos, my camera battery went DEAD!  But thank goodness for phone cameras, right?

Do or learn something NEW today!

a NEW class for the NEW year


Well, it’s a NEW year and I’m taking a NEW class!  I’m excited!  The class is on how to do family history.  I LOVE doing family history (as my previous post mentioned) and I’ve already taken a LOT of classes on the subject, so I’m hoping to learn something NEW!

{I can’t wait for the day when teachers can scan your brain cells to see what you already know, and then go ahead and teach you what you don’t know!  Ha!  Someone please get busy on that invention, RIGHT AWAY OK?!?!!! :o)}

Everyone MUST should visit The Thinking Closet and check out the journaling she did about her ancestors!  SO FUN!


Also, I thought I’d share a list of ways to start working on your family history. Family History DOES NOT just mean names on a pedigree chart!

1 Think about your ancestors

2 Celebrate important dates in the lives of your ancestors.

3 Make a family calendar of these important dates

4 Make plans now for how to pass on family heirlooms and documents

5 Copy documents of your family for each child as they leave home

6 Gather and label old photographs

7 Visit cemeteries where ancestors are buried, record headstone information

8 Start a timeline for each of your children

9 Write about a typical day in the life of you, your spouse, or your child

10 Keep trip journals when on family vacations

11 Record family stories and legends

12 Write a paragraph about every living relative you personally know

13 Frame and display photos of family members and ancestors in  your home

14 Index your journals.  List important events and where they can be found (page numbers, or dates)

15 Create a map and pinpoint locations of your ancestors and their migration

Is there something on this list you could start with?  Have a terrific day and learn or do something NEW!

Learn something NEW

My curiosity got the better of me again today…I wanted to learn something NEW!  It just so happens that I just got off the phone with my doctor’s office. I called to request a prescription for the anti-motion sickness patch. Yes, we’re going to the Caribbean on a cruise soon….can’t wait!!!…and I’m quite susceptible to motion sickness. So I have been wondering how, exactly, does this patch work????? Well, I learned that the drug blocks signals from the inner ear to the brain that typically would tell the brain that you are off-balance.  So, I guess when the brain doesn’t know any better, it won’t tell your nervous stomach to get queasy etc!  Amazing!  Check out:  How Does a Motion Sickness Patch Work? and the Wiki.  You know, one thing about being a curious cat is….I could spend my entire day finding out about NEW things!  If you read the Wiki article, you might be tempted to research more about biosynthesis, the relationship of the motion sickness patch to The Truth Drug, and how the Communist Secret Police used it….(and on and on and on)!!!

Research something NEW today!