a NEW app and NEW sites to enjoy


There’s nothing like waking up to the aches and flu-like symptoms to start a weekend off!  I took a sick-day off work today and I’m hoping these symptoms get better instead of worse!  So while I’m resting and trying to feel better I visited a few websites that always seem to inspire me, but I haven’t gone to for quite a while.  I know they always have good stuff, but life is life and I don’t normally have hours to spend on the computer 🙂  I know you know what I’m sayin’!

So!…I’ve rediscovered a few:

I think I’ve mentioned this site before, but it’s such a motivating site for my photography efforts.  Check it out if you haven’t yet….it’s called Light StalkingGood stuff!

Now, you all know I LOVE doing or learning or reading NEW things.  I’m also interested in how I can accelerate learning.  That subject is a fascinating one for me.  So today I took the time to watch 5D Secrets of Accelerated Learning.  It was about an hour long, but I really liked it.  Loved, loVED, LOVED Tanya Moore’s accent!  Good stuff!

And lastly, I found a NEW app I want to use.  It’s call Stuck on Earth and I heard about it from the Digital Photography School’s newsletter that came in my email.  I was reading the article about 5 Creative Ways to Find New Locations to Photograph and they recommended this app.  Sounds very cool, so I’m going to download it soon.

Have a GREAT day!  Learn or DO something NEW!

ps. You may know that my goal is to post photos from my own stash whenever possible, but sorry, I don’t have a picture of me being sick (thank goodness….what an awful sight!)  So in honor of the snow that appeared on the ground this morning, I’m posting a my favorite winter scene from last year.

NEW thoughts on being INTERESTING


I’ve been holed up in my computer room today…trying to stay out of the way of the construction people re-doing my kitchen. Whoot! Can’t wait for that project to be finished!  My kitchen is 21+ years old and was needing some serious attention.  I’ll be sure to post some pics later on.  But….today I was doing a bit of surfing/browsing/wasting time as I stayed out of the worker’s way.  One blog I was reading linked to this post on “How To Be Interesting“.  🙂 Interesting huh???

I think I’ve determined that I should be a VERY interesting person, because I’m interested in TONS of stuff (that’s a requirement, according to Mr Davies).  However, the second requirement for being interesting is being able to share.  Well…..hmmm…that is NoT my strong point 😦  I’m TERRIBLE at tooting my own horn.  I’d way rather listen to other people than share my own opinion…(because I already know my opinion, right?…I’d like to know theirs!)  I have a friend {Darci} that tells me she needs a crow-bar to get anything out of me.  Ok, ok…I need to do better at sharing.   Yet this blog is a way to do that (see item #2 of Mr Davies list), so I’m on the right track.  How many of the ten items listed do you do?

Well, the construction men just left…time to get something accomplished!  Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW today!

p.s.  The photo of the swimmer is just a random pic…(my son as he did a triathlon a few weeks ago).  I thought it would be INTERESTING to make you wonder the relevance of it.  Ha!