Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

This is Akaka Falls in Hilo, Hawaii.  So powerful…and gorgeous!  I love waterfalls so much.

OK…here’s a TOTALLY random, miscellaneous item for you:  I recently poked around Wikipedia to find out about Lemuria – the hypothetical lost continent that was named after the Lemur (the animal)…because scientists were puzzled that lemurs fossils were found in Madagascar and India, but not Africa or the Middle East.  So, they concluded that there must have been a ‘lost land’ located in the Indian Ocean.  I had never heard of this theory before.  My reading got even more interesting when I read about how people in 1890’s believed survivors from Lemuria lived in tunnels on Mount Shasta in California, and occasionally were seen walking the surface dressed in white robes. Wowza…far out stuff, man! :o)

Does anyone have any other far-out theories they’ve heard lately?  HaHa, have a great day!



a NEW Thursday Thought


Happy Thursday!

I think this quote originally said ‘The palest ink is always sharper than the best memory’…which is true.  Writing things down is so important! (I need to do better at keeping a journal!)  But I thought this quote also pertained to photography.  With these photographs, I’ll always be able to remember our hike to these waterfalls in Zion National Park.  I’ll remember slipping and sliding on the mud as I walked behind a small waterfall (lower right photo). I used to think I’d remember certain things forever…but, no!…now I know my memory fades.  That is why I love photography, I guess.

Have a terrific day!  Learn or do something NEW!

a NEW favorite vintage photo

Oh my goodness!  I LOVE this vintage photograph of Niagara Falls!  (I really hope it’s real, and not a photoshop’d fake!…That would be sad!)  Recently, I was curious to know whether Niagara Falls ever froze over;  so I did some researched to find out.   I visited Niagara Falls this last summer (highly recommended!!!)….and since there was such an amazing, vast amount of water, I wondered how it could possibly freeze.  So, after researching my question….the answer is…..maybe/maybe not.  Apparently it’s hard to tell whether it’s been completed frozen, or just partially frozen over.  There’s some interesting information on Snopes.com regarding this subject as well as other great photos!

What are you curious about????  Learn something NEW today!