a NEW quotography post

Happy Tuesday! I went out shooting on Sunday morning, and as you know, in November it’s pretty hard to find much color – most of the beautiful leaves have fallen and have been raked up by now. However, these beautiful berries caught my eye. I paired the photo with a quote related to another love of mine – reading. It’s true that time marches on…season after season. Another fall, another turned page… full of adventures and experiences. I plan to truly enjoy it!

Have a great day everyone! Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW photo of my week


Happy Friday! I loved spotting these vibrant leaves recently.  It was so chilly that day that these water droplets most likely never dropped!  They probably froze before they could!

Autumn is slipping away from us! I love the colors, but winter has it’s beauties too – {in its own frosty way}.  Seasons are the spice of life!  Have a great day!  Do something NEW!


misc Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  Here’s my weird photo of the week.  Yes, I know it’s November, but this photo would be lost and forgotten about if I tried to keep it til next summer to post it.  So, there ya go. Random.Weirdness.Miscellaneous Monday!

Let’s see, here’s some more randomness:

I was doing some family history research lately and read about a Smock Wedding. (HERE’s another link that talks about it in The Encyclopedia of Superstitions). I learned something NEW!

What I’ve been listening to on my commutes:


Excellent writing!  BUT, I can’t believe I’m listening to this while in the midst of an election! Wowza, my timing couldn’t have been worse, because I’ve gotten enough of politics without choosing to read about it too!  Here is the snippet from Amazon: “Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this classic book is generally regarded as the finest novel ever written on american politics. It describes the career of Willie Stark, a back-country lawyer whose idealism is overcome by his lust for power.”

I’d recommend it, just for the very good writing – but plan carefully (don’t read it in October/November! :o)

And lastly, since my backyard is covered in autumn leaves that need to be raked, I’ll share the superstitions I learned about autumn leaves:


I’m going out right now and try to catch a leaf to ward off any winter colds! Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!



a NEW Thursday thought


Happy Thursday! Here’s a couple of Thursday thoughts.  The first, although true enough, seemed somewhat depressing, so I added another.

In the chequered area of human experience the seasons are all mingled as in the golden age: fruit and blossom hang together; in the same moment the sickle is reaping and the seed is sprinkled; one tends the green cluster and another treads the wine-press. Nay, in each of our lives harvest and spring-time are continually one, until Death himself gathers us and sows us anew in his invisible fields. – GEORGE ELIOT

The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. – WILLIAM BLAKE

Have a great day! Learn or do something NEW!


Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

As is my typical Monday tradition, here’s my weird, miscellaneous photo of the week.  Yeah…what can you say about a wasp’s nest?…not much!  And, really, not anything nice.  Who likes wasps anyway? No.One.Right?  So, we’ll get onto other randomness:

Here’s a podcast I really enjoyed listening to a few weeks ago: Flipping the Gratitude Switch.  Great advice for all of us!

What I’ve read lately (one for my book club and one for work):

jaminn leadership

The library where I got Jamaica Inn, also had Alfred Hitchcock’s movie based on the book.  So, I got them both at the same time and watch the movie after I finished the book.  Well, I admit I slept through most of it!  It was VERY loosely-based on the book.  Very cheesy! But what can you expect from a 1939 film, right?  I’ll just say, the book was SO much better than the movie!

And lastly, I’ll just let you know I tried a NEW way to grocery shop!  The best thing is that I saved time AND I went shopping right after a gym-workout, so I was really sweaty and gross – but didn’t even have to go into the store!  I’m talkin’ about Walmart’s Pickup Service.  I’ve only done it once, but plan to make it a habit. It will force me to make my weekly menu (something I was so good at when my boys were little – but sadly, not anymore). I can buzz right over to the store after I workout, then come home and be productive!

Well, that’s about it for this week’s randomness.  Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!











a NEW photo of my week and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday! I thought this path that I photographed this week would pair nicely with this great talk, The Three Rs of Choices.

Here’s a sneak peek: “First, the right of choice; second, the responsibility of choice; and third, the results of choice”…but go read the rest of the talk if you have time, because its fabulous!

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW photo of my week #60 and a short musical Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday!

So, I had a goal this year that I’m slightly behind on 😦  I wanted to learn a NEW piano solo each month this year….but so far I’ve only learned 8  (I need to get to the piano more often!!!…but the year’s not over yet, right?!?)  Here’s my list so far:

1) March of the Siamese Children 2) Ave Maria 3)Time to Say Goodbye 4) Downton Abbey Theme 5) Come Thou Font of Every Blessing 6) Gymnopedie I 7) The Lord’s Prayer 8) This is the Christ

I love, love, LOVE the “This is the Christ” piece…and I think you will too.  So for today’s Sunday sermon, please enjoy listening to the sermon!  Here’s a few of the words:

I read His words, the words He prayed While bearing sorrow in Gethsemane; I feel His love, the price He paid. How many drops of blood were spilled for me? With saints of old in joyful cry I too can testify; This is the Christ; This is the Christ, the Holy Son of God, Our Savior, Lord, Redeemer of mankind. This is the Christ, the healer of our souls Who ransomed us with purest love divine!

Have a terrific day!  Do or learn something NEW!