a NEW photo of my week and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday!

I’m not sure why, but this buried mailbox and snowed on wreath put a smile on my face this week. Ah, the beauty of fresh snow!

And…for today’s short sermon, I’d just like to link to some awesome music – music that calms, inspires and makes me think of my Savior. Enjoy!

I feel my Savior’s Love

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!


Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  So here is a miscellaneous seagull, drinking from a glass in some miscellaneous outdoor café in Monterey, CA.  Gulls are treated pretty good in Monterey, right?!?

OK, here’s more stuff:  My daughter-in-law says she’s obsessed with the local Waffle Love waffles, so eventually, I want to try making this copycat recipe from Purple Chocolate Home {HERE }…and while I’m at it, I’ll try these Maple Bacon Yeast Waffles.  YUM!


I loved The Piano Guy’s YouTube video shot at Bryce Canyon because the scenery reminds me of home.  They are such a talented duo!     A link to the video is HERE.

Have a great Monday! Do or learn something NEW!



Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


My children think VERY HIGHLY of the chocolate chip cookie recipe I received from a friend years and years and years ago!  Once someone offered my young son a “Mrs Field’s Cookie” and he asked it if was as good as a Dianne Larsen cookie!  Here’s the recipe:

Recipe Card Template 1up 4x6

I saw this YouTube video quite a while ago, but it still makes me smile!  I want to have fun times like this with my husband when we’re old and gray…..(well, older and more gray!)

AND lastly, I recently learned of a website where people could take a quiz and learn what their ‘Love Language’ is {HERE is the link}.  I remember reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and liking it, so I took the quiz.  It was a HARD quiz!!!  You have to choose between two really good options on each question!  But I think I’ll have my hubby take the quiz (because I don’t think I’ll be able to get him to read the book)….but it’ll be good to know his love language (Words of Affirmation, Quality Time,  Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service or Physical Touch) so I can better cater to his needs.  By the way, at the first of the quiz, it asks for name and email address, but if you proceed, you can take it without giving any personal info.  (nice huh?)

Have a GREAT Monday!  Do or Learn something NEW!



NEW photos of my week #41



This week I took a short over-night trip to visit my Mom and Sister, and to also go with them to see The 5 Browns in concert.  On the way home, I stopped at various rural towns to take some pics.  It’s obvious that the old and the weathered caught my eye that day….nothing NEW!

The concert was FABULOUS!!!  50 fingers were flying!  Here’s a sample of how good they are:

On the trip I also listened to a book on CD, “A Girl Named Zippy“,  that the teacher of a family history class recommended.  The book is random stories of the childhood of Zippy.   It was nice to listen to….but I don’t think I would’ve liked reading it, since there really was no plot etc.  But it was a good example of how interesting our own personal histories can be.  (And a good reminder to me to start writing a few things down before I forget them!)


Have a great week!  Do or Learn something NEW!

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NEW sheet music…Downton Abbey theme


Happy Friday!  So, who’s a Downton Abbey fan?  I know, I know, it’s basically a soap-opera…but it’s only once a week, right? It’s not like we’re wasting time, watching the drama of fictional people…DAILY. :o)

I recently downloaded the sheet music for the theme (I needed a NEW piece to learn).  It’ll be a good left-hand workout!  Have a great day!  Learn something NEW!

miscellaneous NEW stuff


How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty relaxing…that’s a good thing, right?   I stayed around the house because my hubby was doing a project – and he likes me to stay close by in case he has a ‘design question’.  He’s very handy, and always likes to make things just the way I like them to be :o)  Yes, I’m a VERY lucky gal!

Anywhoo!  Here are a few miscellaneous thoughts from my weekend:

This month…since it’s November, I’m going to steal the idea from Snippets from Springdale and concentrate on gratitude this month.  I have SO MANY blessings that I’m truly grateful for, and I need to express that gratitude….either through word or photographs on this blog.  Isn’t that an excellent idea?!?!?

Also…I very rarely watch a movie more than once, but this weekend I ended up watching the Princess Bride again.  I saw this video snippet about one of the actor’s favorite lines from the movie:  CHECK IT OUT HERE!   It’s so true that our perceptions change as we go through this life,  and things we don’t even notice when we’re younger make an impression later as we have more experience to glean from!  So that little clip made me want to watch the movie again!  It’s a GOOD movie!….and I LOVE that line now as well!

Lastly, I spent a bit of time at the piano this weekend.  I recently needed some NEW sheet music {yeah, I get tired of the same ol’ music quite oftenas I’ve mentioned before}, so I learned to play the fun piece from The King and I called ‘March Of the Siamese Children’.  It’s a fun piece to play and every time I play it, it reminds me of the {SOOOOO CUTE!!!} children in the movie!

Again, I  hope you all had a GREAT weekend!  Let me know what NEW things you did!

NEW sheet music to play

I LOVE living in this age of technology!  I was recently really tired of all my sheet music and wanted something NEW to play (Imagine that! :o)  It was about 7am on a Saturday morning, (when all the music stores were still closed),  and I was downloading me some NEW tunes to play!  Awesome!

I’ve used AaronWaite.com and MusicNotes.com.  Both sites let you listen to a sample of the piece before you download it!  And Presto! New sheet music to start learning ASAP!  I just think it’s a great time to live!

What is your favorite thing about this Wonderful Worldwide Web?

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