NEW photos of my week #41



This week I took a short over-night trip to visit my Mom and Sister, and to also go with them to see The 5 Browns in concert.  On the way home, I stopped at various rural towns to take some pics.  It’s obvious that the old and the weathered caught my eye that day….nothing NEW!

The concert was FABULOUS!!!  50 fingers were flying!  Here’s a sample of how good they are:

On the trip I also listened to a book on CD, “A Girl Named Zippy“,  that the teacher of a family history class recommended.  The book is random stories of the childhood of Zippy.   It was nice to listen to….but I don’t think I would’ve liked reading it, since there really was no plot etc.  But it was a good example of how interesting our own personal histories can be.  (And a good reminder to me to start writing a few things down before I forget them!)


Have a great week!  Do or Learn something NEW!

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11 thoughts on “NEW photos of my week #41

  1. Great rural photos giving me an insight into small town America – thank you!
    I’ve learnt something new by visiting your blog!


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  3. I liked that book but it would probably be more interesting to listen to. Great idea! Love your photos! That is an awesome barn photo in the setting of the mountains! You lived in a beautiful place! WOW!


  4. A good week of new things for you! Years ago I started writing things down and I password protected my file then promptly lost the password! Now I have a NEW system!


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