a NEW awareness of gratitude – Day 4


Happy November 4th! I am grateful for Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches…for fresh, ripe peaches (enjoyed with milk and sugar – especially the peachy milk – drank from the bowl when all the peaches are gone)….and for turkey with cranberry sauce (Thanksgiving dinner – I love you! :o).

Have a great day! Find something NEW to be grateful for!

a NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! So, although these biscuits I made recently were pretty scrumptious, I want to try these NEW variations soon:

BLT Biscuits (Bacon, Lettuce and Toms are one of my favorite flavor combos!)

Cheddar Bay Biscuits (yummy!)

and for my sweet tooth, Blueberry Buttermilk Biscuits with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.

I’ll be sure and review these recipes when I have a chance to try them.  Have a great day!  Do or bake something NEW.

a NEW recipe…Basil Butter


I’m loving my indoor herb garden!  {see previous post with details HERE}  Today I tried a NEW recipe and used up some of my basil that I’ve been growing.  YUMMY!  I got the recipe from Paint Chips and Frosting (that’s a fun blog name, huh?!?).

Now I’m on the hunt for more great fresh herb recipes…the only catch is, my garden is kind of small at the moment, so the recipes can’t call for more than a cup or so of basil, parsley or cilantro, and only a tiny bit of chives…but I have PLENTY of dill!   Does anyone have any fabulous dill recipes???

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!

NEW Recipe…Almond Joy-ness


I love, loVE, LOVE coconut!  YUM!  So when I noticed this recipe for Almond Joy Bites at Will Cook For Smiles, I had to try it!  I also had  to share some of these delicious morsels with a neighbor…simply because it was just too dangerously fattening to have all these sitting on MY kitchen counter!  Spread the JOY, right?!?

Have a terrific day everyone!!!  Learn or DO something NEW today!

NEW Valentine Cookie Frosting Recipe


I’ve made some Valentine’s Day cookies for a few neighbors and I really like the NEW frosting recipe I used. (I should have taken the photo after I added the cute little chocolates to the plate, but oh well!)  I found the frosting recipe at Karen’s Cookies.  I used the buttercream one.  The flavor is yummy and it’s doesn’t dry as hard as royal icing.  I like it a  lot!  If I were shipping these, or wanted to make sure the frosting didn’t get ‘dinged’ while transporting them, maybe I’d stick with the royal icing.  But it was fun to try this NEW recipe!  Everyone have a LOVELY Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

excellent NEW flavor combination


I recently tried this NEW….hmmmm…I guess you’d just call it a snack.  Oh.MY!  The flavor combination was really great!  I got all these ingredients at my local Costco, and they’ve lasted a long time!  (It helps that my teenage sons haven’t discovered this delicacy yet).  Anyway…take a croccantini (italian flatbread cracker….or in a pinch, a regular soda cracker would suffice)  spread some gourmet herbed cheese on the cracker and top with a bit of Red Chili Pepper spread.  YUM!!!  The combination of flavors is divine! Try it!  OR try some other NEW flavor combo today!

5 NEW Pressure Cooker Recipes

I recently bought a pressure cooker!

pressure cooker

I’ve never used a pressure cooker before, but I’m excited to try something NEW!  I’ve been collecting recipes to try in my new gadget, and I thought I’d share.  My friend said she can make dinner for her family in 8 minutes!  That may not be standard, but I’m totally into time efficiency…so I’m going to try it!

cranberry orange chicken

Cranberry Orange Chicken from Pressure Cooker Diaries sounds delish!

easy pulled pork

My boys LOVE pulled pork, so this one from Pressure Cooking Today,  is a MUST-TRY!


Pressure cooker Porcupines! Yummy! I found these at Delicious Cooks

perfect pot roast

Sometimes our Sunday dinner is the standard Pot Roast with mashed potatoes and veggies, so this recipe from A Feast For The Eyes will probably get tested soon!

AND LASTLY…I can’t wait to try Beef Brisket with Chipotle Tomatillo Sauce!!!!  There wasn’t a photo attached to this recipe, but it sounds divine!!!  Right?   You can find that recipe at AllRecipes.comTry a NEW recipe or a NEW cooking method soon!

learning something NEW (bento)


I learned something new a few days ago….I love, loVE, LOVE learning NEW things!  Although sometimes I wonder if I’m the last person on the planet to ‘learn’ certain things.  For example, I don’t believe I’ve heard the term ‘bento’ before.  I didn’t know there was actually a word to describe those cute kiddie (or otherwise) little meals!  Have I been living under a rock?  How did I suddenly learn this term?  Well, Kathy from Eclecticlamb ‘liked’ one of my posts…so I visited her site, and Wha-La!  I learned something NEW!  Thanks Kathy!

ben-to [ben-toh; Japanese ben-taw] a meal, usually served in a lacquered or elaborately decorated box that is divided into sections for holding individual portions of food.

Pinterest has lots of ideas to start with:


I used to have some divided plastic containers….hmmm, where are they?  If I find them, I think I’ll try to create a bento of my own!  Learn or DO something NEW today!

13 NEW cheese ball recipes for 2013

cheeseballsHappy NEW Year!!!  We are implementing a NEW tradition from my husband’s side of the family in our home this year.  When my husband was growing up, on New Years Day, (as they lounged around watching football games), his mother had cheese balls and crackers laying out for them.  Well, after my successful cheese ball attempt recently, I thought I’d try more recipes and implement that tradition in our family.  So I’ve been researching recipes and thought I’d share 13 of them with you for the NEW year of 2013!!!


Chef In Training


Paula Deen’s Fisher Nutty Bacon Cheese Ball


Amanda’s Cookin’


Annie’s Eats Lemon Cheesecake Cheese Ball


The Whimsical Princess Pepperoni Cheese Ball


The Recipe Critic Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball


Cinnamon Freud Cheese Ball


Tasty Kitchen’s Favorite Cheese Ball


Cooking on the Side Cheese Ball Pops


Tracy’s Culinary Adventures Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Ball


Forkful of Comfort’s Buffalo Chicken Cheese Ball


WebMD’s Nutty Pimiento Cheese Ball


An Edible Mosaic’s Cheddar Cheese Ball Appetizer

a NEW split pea soup recipe


Hi all!  So here is pic of the fixin’s of a NEW recipe I’m going to try today.  Split Pea Soup! I’ve never made split pea soup before….mainly because I just remember a watery-green, gross looking soup, which I had no desire to make.  But since I had left-over ham and this recipe at Angela’s Adventures looked so yummy and soooo easy, I’m going to try it!  I’ll add an additional review tomorrow.  We have out-of-town guests staying at our house, so I’m hoping it’ll be a hit.  Again, I’ll let you know.  Have a great Saturday, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

REVIEW:  My house guests liked it!  My husband liked it!  I kind of liked it…it reminded me a little bit of the baby food peas I use to feed my babies :o).  I couldn’t get my teenage boys to touch it.  Overall, I’m glad I tried it.  (I can say I’ve done it now!)  But it probably won’t be a regular recipe of ours.