NEW last minute treats for V-Day


Happy Saturday!  OK, this year I haven’t given even a single thought to Valentines Day…so, this morning, I quickly made up some (very simple) V-Day treats.  Quick, Easy and festive-looking.  I made a NEW version of muddy buddies that I found at The Recipe Critic, except at this late date, I couldn’t find any V-Day M&M’s left in the stores, so I had to use cinnamon hearts.  I printed the label from SoHoSonnet.  Done! Yah!

I also made some sugar cookies.  Son #4 asked if I was actually going to frost them this time.  Hmmmm….I guess I’ve slacked off on my frosting duties way too many times!

Have a great day.  Do or learn something NEW! (And last minute is better than not at all, right?!?)

NEW Valentine Cookie Frosting Recipe


I’ve made some Valentine’s Day cookies for a few neighbors and I really like the NEW frosting recipe I used. (I should have taken the photo after I added the cute little chocolates to the plate, but oh well!)  I found the frosting recipe at Karen’s Cookies.  I used the buttercream one.  The flavor is yummy and it’s doesn’t dry as hard as royal icing.  I like it a  lot!  If I were shipping these, or wanted to make sure the frosting didn’t get ‘dinged’ while transporting them, maybe I’d stick with the royal icing.  But it was fun to try this NEW recipe!  Everyone have a LOVELY Valentine’s Day tomorrow!