NEW Valentine Cookie Frosting Recipe


I’ve made some Valentine’s Day cookies for a few neighbors and I really like the NEW frosting recipe I used. (I should have taken the photo after I added the cute little chocolates to the plate, but oh well!)  I found the frosting recipe at Karen’s Cookies.  I used the buttercream one.  The flavor is yummy and it’s doesn’t dry as hard as royal icing.  I like it a  lot!  If I were shipping these, or wanted to make sure the frosting didn’t get ‘dinged’ while transporting them, maybe I’d stick with the royal icing.  But it was fun to try this NEW recipe!  Everyone have a LOVELY Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

Holiday Cheese Ball…a NEW attempt


Hi all!  So…years and years ago, I attempted to make a holiday cheese ball.  They looked easy enough…but it turned out a complete and miserable FAIL!  The ball would not hold it’s shape…even after I refrigerated it….therefore it couldn’t be called a cheese ball at all!  (Although, I seem to remember it tasting ok).  Well, this year I made a NEW attempt!  Yeah, I think I did it!  I tried a different recipe this time, which I got from a friend, but someday I’ll attempt the old recipe one.more.time.

Try something NEW today!

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