Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  Here’s another photo for my heirloom project.  This little blanket is probably about 87 years old, and it was made by my Grandmother.  Little by little I’ll get all the heirlooms photographed and documented with who they originally belonged to!

OK, here’s my miscellaneous stuff I wanna share:

Check out this cool video on How to Grow a Mandala!

OR… one of these TED videos (I LOVE the good side of technology!!!)

Eye exams for people in poor and/or very remote areas using A SMART PHONE!!!!

This TEDtalk, Go Ahead, Make Up New Words explains how anyone can make up a NEW word.  Cool! I want to do that!…then maybe someday it’ll be published in a dictionary :o)

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!






a NEW photo of an old heirloom


Happy Wednesday!  I’ve previously mentioned my project of eventually photographing all heirlooms I have in the house (which aren’t very many :o).  This lone teacup was my Grandmother’s.  How I wish I knew if she was the original owner or if she possibly received it from someone else.  I suppose I’ll never know.  But at least my children and grandchildren will know who I received it from.  That’s better than nothing, right?!?

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW today!

another NEW heirloom collage


Happy Wednesday!  I created this collage a few weeks ago, but must have forgot to post it.  I’m trying to take photos of all of my heirlooms…little by little.  I received this class ring at the same time my mother gave me my grandfathers freemason ring (previous post HERE). I think a photo book with a history of all the items and who they belonged to will be a treasure.

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a NEW Freemason heirloom photo collage


The subject of my photo shoot session today was my Grandfather’s Freemason ring.  I never knew my Grandfather, but I’m thrilled to have in my possession something that I know he must have treasured.  I also never knew much about Freemasonry – but the movie National Treasure sure made them sound mysterious, right!?!  Apparently George Washington was Master of his Masonic Lodge:


I have a few other heirlooms I need to photograph…as well as write up some narratives about who they originally belonged to, so future generations will have a physical link to the past.  I also have a goal to make something that will be worthy of being an heirloom someday.  This article: Grandpa’s Cane and Other Heirlooms inspired me to get busy!  Wish me continued motivation! :o)

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW with OLD stuff!






a NEW heirloom!

I FINALLY finished my Christmas quilt! I’ll be informing my family that it WILL be a family heirloom…because after the enormous amount of time I spent on it, my last will and testament is going to decree that my grand-children, great-grandchildren, great, great (and so on) MUST cherish this quilt and display it EVERY Christmas for generations!!! (Or I will haunt them :o) It WILL be a family heirloom!

After finishing, I gave my husband a very direct assignment. I told him to remind me NOT to start another quilt with that much piecing EVER AGAIN! He said, ‘You told me that after you finished the one hanging in our room’. WHAT? I DID? And you let me start another one? (He had no clue what I was ‘starting’)

This is the quilt hanging in our room:

This baby quilt, however, was very do-able.

From now on…it’s baby quilts for me, if there is any piecing involved!  Serious quilters call me a Big Baby!…But I’ve learned I’m a sprinter seamstress….marathon projects are just out of my league! What NEW thing have you learned today?