a NEW Freemason heirloom photo collage


The subject of my photo shoot session today was my Grandfather’s Freemason ring.  I never knew my Grandfather, but I’m thrilled to have in my possession something that I know he must have treasured.  I also never knew much about Freemasonry – but the movie National Treasure sure made them sound mysterious, right!?!  Apparently George Washington was Master of his Masonic Lodge:


I have a few other heirlooms I need to photograph…as well as write up some narratives about who they originally belonged to, so future generations will have a physical link to the past.  I also have a goal to make something that will be worthy of being an heirloom someday.  This article: Grandpa’s Cane and Other Heirlooms inspired me to get busy!  Wish me continued motivation! :o)

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW with OLD stuff!






4 thoughts on “a NEW Freemason heirloom photo collage

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  2. It’s a good idea and beautiful photos! It’s great to see you are taking such an interest in your grandfather’s life and possessions. That way you can build a little bit of a relationship with him.


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