a NEW heirloom!

I FINALLY finished my Christmas quilt! I’ll be informing my family that it WILL be a family heirloom…because after the enormous amount of time I spent on it, my last will and testament is going to decree that my grand-children, great-grandchildren, great, great (and so on) MUST cherish this quilt and display it EVERY Christmas for generations!!! (Or I will haunt them :o) It WILL be a family heirloom!

After finishing, I gave my husband a very direct assignment. I told him to remind me NOT to start another quilt with that much piecing EVER AGAIN! He said, ‘You told me that after you finished the one hanging in our room’. WHAT? I DID? And you let me start another one? (He had no clue what I was ‘starting’)

This is the quilt hanging in our room:

This baby quilt, however, was very do-able.

From now on…it’s baby quilts for me, if there is any piecing involved!  Serious quilters call me a Big Baby!…But I’ve learned I’m a sprinter seamstress….marathon projects are just out of my league! What NEW thing have you learned today?

2 thoughts on “a NEW heirloom!

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  2. Your Christmas quilt looks wonderful! I think you should continue on with piecing projects – it takes a while, but it’s so wonderful when you are finally done, isn’t it? I’m sure your family will cherish it forever!!


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