NEW fotos on friday

Happy Friday!

This week we took a quick drive up the canyon to view the fall colors. The yellows were definitely out! Plus, we’ll probably be able to go again in a couple of weeks and see another show, with more oranges and reds – AWESOME! Usually, we’re on the tail-end of the season and after one trip, they’re gone.

That’s it for today’s fotos on friday. Have a great weekend. Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW photo of Pando Aspen Clone

Happy Wednesday!

I learned something NEW a few years ago. I learned about Pando, but only recently had the opportunity to take this photo of the “world’s largest living organism”. We took Stebi (our fifth-wheel trailer, which we named Stebi…acronym for “Spending ThE Boys Inheritance) to camp near Fishlake National Forest. This is where the Pando Aspen Clone is located.

This photo may look like a grove of individual trees, but it’s actually a one-tree forest. Underground, everything is connected by a single, vast root system. This one-tree aspen forest is made up of 47,000 trunks, and millions of leaves, connected through one root system! Therefore, it is the world’s largest single living organism. Very cool!

You can learn more on Wikipedia: HERE.

This photo was taken about July 8th. I’d really like to go in the fall and see the changing colors. That’s on the bucket list!

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW photo of my week and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday! These autumn trees standing tall and standing together pairs perfectly with an awesome sermon by Sheri L. Dew.  This talk is called: “Stand Tall and Stand Together”…and it was a fabulous message! She says:

No woman is a more vibrant instrument in the hands of the Lord than a woman of God who is thrilled to be who she is.

But there is A LOT more terrific counsel in the talk.  Read and enjoy!

Here’s another message on the ‘Standing Tall’ theme:  You reach the greatest heights while on your knees.


Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!





a NEW emphasis….consistency


I’ve been thinking a lot about consistency lately.  I thought this row of blossoming trees was a good NEW photo pick for today.  Just as these beautiful trees form a consistent pattern as you look down this street, consistency in life can also be a very beautiful thing.

Here are some particularly WONDERFUL quotes about consistency:


I’ve found that, in most cases, a conscious effort to be consistent is needed…even with the most simplest of things.  A few months ago, I read Faithful, Fit & Fabulous by Connie Sokol after reading the recommendation at Pinkpolkadotcreations.


Although there wasn’t anything particularly new or different about this book, it basically encouraged readers to set a NEW goal every week….even if it is something VERY simple  Actually, the simpler the BETTER!  I decided that I’d make a conscious effort to keep the floor of my closet clear.  Instead of kicking off my shoes and leaving them on the floor, I would put them where they belong.  So, the ONLY shoes that have been left on my closet floor for months now, are my slippers (I wanted my slippers out on purpose).  And it’s been a VERY GOOD FEELING!!!  I won’t bore you with all my other very small goals, but even a BIG goal can be broken down into small goals, and the same method would be just as successful.

Try it!  A goal a week…make a conscious effort…be consistent!  Try something NEW!



NEW photos of my week #31


Today I set out to photograph a spot up the canyon where I knew there was a nice waterfall.  But my timing wasn’t great, because there was no lighting at all! (Too early for the sun to peek over those peaks, I guess).  However, on my way home I saw these beautiful trees!  My photo-shoot wasn’t a complete total waste, thank goodness!  Have a great day.  DO SOMETHING NEW!


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NEW Photo of my week #21


Friday evening, my husband and I attended a meeting and he had to be there early to set up.  So I dropped him off and went shooting.  I captured these beautiful blossoms and I liked how the sun was shining on the ivy around these trees.  (plus the nice vertical/diagonal lines).  I hope to get out more this week and shoot something NEW!  Have a terrific week!