a NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! Well, I’ve got to confess that my entire system is in shock!  Hubby and I just spent ten days in Hawaii…temps in the upper 80’s and I haven’t had to prepare a single meal for over a week and a half.  BUT NOW…this is what we’ve returned to:


…and tonight we are hosting a couple dozen college students (I’m cooking dinner :o).  I thought it best to choose a very simple meal – so Hawaiian Haystacks it is, along with this very simple ‘No-Bake Hawaiian Dream Dessert’ .  Little by little I’ll come out of my shock, but these things take time, ya know!?!.  Have a great day. Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW breakfast option


I’ll admit, there’s no easier breakfast option than cold cereal! BUT….talk about a highly-processed food!  So I’m going to try harder to make my {sometimes rushed} first meal of the day a bit more healthful.  Today I made a NEW big batch of Soft Granola.  I like to make my own and add dried bananas, coconut flakes, raisins etc.  When I add Greek yogurt, it’s even more yummy!

I also have a NEW recipe for healthy breakfast cookies…I hope to try that soon and will be sure to give a report.  Have a great day! Do or Learn something NEW!



a NEW fudge recipe…yummy!


I tried a NEW fudge recipe last night.  Wow…it’s probably been a decade since I last made fudge! BUT…when I saw this recipe for Samoa Fudge, I knew I had to try it.  Why?  Because I LOVE the Girl Scout Samoas cookies, and anything with a similar taste has to be my friend!


Check out the recipe at My Recipe Magic and learn or do something NEW today!

NEW Recipe…Almond Joy-ness


I love, loVE, LOVE coconut!  YUM!  So when I noticed this recipe for Almond Joy Bites at Will Cook For Smiles, I had to try it!  I also had  to share some of these delicious morsels with a neighbor…simply because it was just too dangerously fattening to have all these sitting on MY kitchen counter!  Spread the JOY, right?!?

Have a terrific day everyone!!!  Learn or DO something NEW today!

a NEW…EASY cookie recipe


I tried this NEW recipe recently.  And it’s a KEEPER!!!  I took a batch of these yummies to a social a few weeks ago.  My husband was chatting with some 12 year old boys that were visiting the dessert table (more than once)!  He asked them which cookie they liked best, and they loved these the best!  They did NOT know who brought them…so this was a blind study :o)  Lovely combination of flavors and easy, eaSY, EASY to put together!  Try them!

I found the recipe HERE.