a NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!

Well, the stars aligned and last Saturday morning we didn’t have any morning commitments – we did have ingredients for this breakfast – and although one camera seems to be having issues, my backup camera’s battery was actually charged so I could take pics of our French Toast.  Nice!  This berry stuffing was a NEW version of our stuffed French Toast…we typically make orange.  But, here’s the berry recipe and some other versions:

Berry Stuffed French Toast

Orange Stuffed French Toast

Banana Stuffed French Toast

I haven’t made the banana one yet.  Maybe soon.  Have a great day!  Learn or do something NEW!

Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff I gotta share


Happy Monday!  Well, the NEW stuff I gotta share this week are a bunch of NEW breakfast recipes.  We’re kind of in a breakfast rut around here…and you know we REALLY dislike ruts!  So thank you internet (Pinterest, specifically, and Google generally) for making NEW recipes to try so easy to find!  Here ya go:


Broccoli, Ham and Mozzarella Bake with Eggs  (Must try!  We LOVE broccoli at our house!)

Hillbilly Breakfast Bake (Looks super easy to put together!)


Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancakes  (I love sticking the pancakes in the oven and walking away for a bit (instead of flipping pancakes on the griddle)!

Blender French Toast with Coconut Syrup  (Coconut ANYTHING always calls my name)


Freezer breakfast sandwiches  (Making ahead and freezing sounds so efficient!)

Spinach Quiche Cups (Sounds somewhat healthy, right?)

I’ll report after I make these and give you all our review/opinion.  In the meantime, have a great day and Do or Learn, or cook something NEW!


a NEW breakfast option


I’ll admit, there’s no easier breakfast option than cold cereal! BUT….talk about a highly-processed food!  So I’m going to try harder to make my {sometimes rushed} first meal of the day a bit more healthful.  Today I made a NEW big batch of Soft Granola.  I like to make my own and add dried bananas, coconut flakes, raisins etc.  When I add Greek yogurt, it’s even more yummy!

I also have a NEW recipe for healthy breakfast cookies…I hope to try that soon and will be sure to give a report.  Have a great day! Do or Learn something NEW!