a NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!

So, a few days ago, my son brought me these eggs that his chickens recently graciously produced.  Aren’t they pretty?  Although the very day before he brought me these, I had made a Costco run and bought the big 5-dozen package.  Therefore, I need to make something that takes a LOT of eggs – right away.

Google to the rescue..:


This was a great article and while reading it, I learned something NEW! Am I the only one that didn’t know Pound Cake was called Pound Cake because it uses a pound of eggs (and a pound of flour, butter and sugar). I don’t know that I’ll make Pound Cake, but I think I’ll make a quiche, and I’ve always wanted to tackle Baked Alaska.

And! I learned you could freeze eggs. I never have.  Do they maintain a good consistency? I’m not so sure.  If anyone has used eggs that have been frozen, let me know how it turned out. Please and Thank you.

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!



a NEW taste Tuesday!


Happy Tuesday!  Here’s a recipe I tried from a NEW cookbook that hubby brought home from work. All the recipes are ‘healthy’ recipes in this book, so I thought I’d try them all out.  For these Crustless Mini Quiches, I used my no-stick silicon baking cups.  I’m not sure they browned up as nicely as they would have if I hadn’t have used them, but they tasted fine.  I’m keeping a few of these in the freezer so I can pop one or two quickly in the microwave on busy mornings.

Son #3 also recently gave me a NEW cookbook that he got from work.  What is going on here anyway? I have more NEW recipes than I can try in a lifetime…but it’ll be fun to do what I can.  I’m hoping for some “keepers”! Here’s the recipe for Mini Quiche:


Have a great day! Do or bake something NEW!

Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff I gotta share


Happy Monday!  Well, the NEW stuff I gotta share this week are a bunch of NEW breakfast recipes.  We’re kind of in a breakfast rut around here…and you know we REALLY dislike ruts!  So thank you internet (Pinterest, specifically, and Google generally) for making NEW recipes to try so easy to find!  Here ya go:


Broccoli, Ham and Mozzarella Bake with Eggs  (Must try!  We LOVE broccoli at our house!)

Hillbilly Breakfast Bake (Looks super easy to put together!)


Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancakes  (I love sticking the pancakes in the oven and walking away for a bit (instead of flipping pancakes on the griddle)!

Blender French Toast with Coconut Syrup  (Coconut ANYTHING always calls my name)


Freezer breakfast sandwiches  (Making ahead and freezing sounds so efficient!)

Spinach Quiche Cups (Sounds somewhat healthy, right?)

I’ll report after I make these and give you all our review/opinion.  In the meantime, have a great day and Do or Learn, or cook something NEW!


a brand-NEW life


Happy Easter!  What a glorious day!…a day to remember the life, atonement and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

By the time I got to the computer and edited this photo of the tree with eggs hanging from it,  it seems I’m sort of slow in getting today’s post published.  There were already wonderful Easter-related posts up!  For instance…I’ve copied my post title from NancyCreative (great post!).

Then, I wanted to post a link to a fabulous video call Because of Him, but found it was already posted by CKDays. (You should go and watch it!)  And lastly, I enjoyed the same version of The Lord’s Prayer that I posted about on Monday, but put with another fabulous video linked on Living With My Ancestors.  (Best EVERRRRR!)

Have a beautiful Easter Day!  Because of Jesus Christ, we’ve been given the chance for a brand-NEW life!