a brand-NEW life


Happy Easter!  What a glorious day!…a day to remember the life, atonement and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

By the time I got to the computer and edited this photo of the tree with eggs hanging from it,  it seems I’m sort of slow in getting today’s post published.  There were already wonderful Easter-related posts up!  For instance…I’ve copied my post title from NancyCreative (great post!).

Then, I wanted to post a link to a fabulous video call Because of Him, but found it was already posted by CKDays. (You should go and watch it!)  And lastly, I enjoyed the same version of The Lord’s Prayer that I posted about on Monday, but put with another fabulous video linked on Living With My Ancestors.  (Best EVERRRRR!)

Have a beautiful Easter Day!  Because of Jesus Christ, we’ve been given the chance for a brand-NEW life!


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