NEW blossoms and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday! I’m going crazy and shooting tree blossoms all over town!  They are just SO pretty! Here’s another version:


I recently attended a workshop given by a religion professor.  He was very knowledgeable about the New Testament and told us about his family’s tradition of preparing for Easter.  He’s put together a website with all of his resources (HERE).

He, of course, starts with Palm Sunday (next week!!!!).

He writes: Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem has a long history in the Christian tradition, and it plays an important in the liturgies of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and some Protestant churches. For me celebrating Palm Sunday truly opens Holy Week, setting it apart from other weeks by focusing my thoughts and faith on Christ my king.

I hope to take some time with my family and study “Resurrection Week” a bit more in depth this year also.  Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!


a brand-NEW life


Happy Easter!  What a glorious day!…a day to remember the life, atonement and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

By the time I got to the computer and edited this photo of the tree with eggs hanging from it,  it seems I’m sort of slow in getting today’s post published.  There were already wonderful Easter-related posts up!  For instance…I’ve copied my post title from NancyCreative (great post!).

Then, I wanted to post a link to a fabulous video call Because of Him, but found it was already posted by CKDays. (You should go and watch it!)  And lastly, I enjoyed the same version of The Lord’s Prayer that I posted about on Monday, but put with another fabulous video linked on Living With My Ancestors.  (Best EVERRRRR!)

Have a beautiful Easter Day!  Because of Jesus Christ, we’ve been given the chance for a brand-NEW life!


Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Here’s my FAVORITE photo from my rural towns shooting session last  week (see last post).  I’ve found it is rare to find a horse with its head up, so I was happy that at least I could see this one’s reflection to add a bit of interest to this shot!

A few other miscellaneous items I gotta share:

Lately I’ve enjoyed studying the different versions of The Lord’s Prayer, and I really LOVED listening to Andrea Bocelli sing it!  He is AWESOME!

AND….if I can find the time {this week’s calendar is looking pretty busy}…I’d like to try to make a few items on my EASTER PINTEREST BOARD! CuTe StuFF!!!  Hopefully I’ll get to at least a couple of projects!


I especially LOVE these eggs from Project Alicia:


Have a great week!  Do or Learn something NEW!







old and NEW Easter decor


Whew!  I’m FINALLY done entertaining for a while!  We have had soooooo many ‘events’ around here lately! I’m kind of exhausted!!! :o)  However I did have a bit of energy to dig out the Easter decor over the weekend.  (None too soon, since Easter comes pretty early this year!)  I took a few pics: the ‘old’ decor is my fabric covered styrofoam easter eggs.  I’ve loved them for years…and the best part is: I didn’t make them!  My lovely Mother-in-law made them and gave them to us YEARS ago.    I poked around to see if there were any tutorials that I could share in case you’re interested in making some.   These are pretty close, but I think my MIL actually used a butter knife and tucked the fabric into the groove then finished off with embellishments.

sewingdaisieseggs Check these out at Sewing Daisies

undertableeggs Or these at By Stephanie Lynn

And,  of course, Pinterest has lots of fabric-covered easter egg ideas  Check these out HERE!


My NEW decor this year is this VERY SIMPLE glass jar filled with eggs…finished off with  burlap and ribbon.  Truth be told:  I got these eggs for FREE.  You know when  you buy a washing machine at the local appliance store and they give you a “rebate” of $30-$40 to get to you come back into their store?….but the store really doesn’t have anything at all for that price?  (Well they have a very few things.  These eggs for example).  So that’s how I got them for ‘free’.