a NEW breakfast option


I’ll admit, there’s no easier breakfast option than cold cereal! BUT….talk about a highly-processed food!  So I’m going to try harder to make my {sometimes rushed} first meal of the day a bit more healthful.  Today I made a NEW big batch of Soft Granola.  I like to make my own and add dried bananas, coconut flakes, raisins etc.  When I add Greek yogurt, it’s even more yummy!

I also have a NEW recipe for healthy breakfast cookies…I hope to try that soon and will be sure to give a report.  Have a great day! Do or Learn something NEW!



1 thought on “a NEW breakfast option

  1. Sounds great! I’d love to see your breakfast cookie recipe. That’s something I could get my kids to eat in the morning. I used to buy Quaker breakfast cookies and my kids loved them until they got sick of them. After a while they tasted processed and there’s no going back with kids!


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