learning something NEW (bento)


I learned something new a few days ago….I love, loVE, LOVE learning NEW things!  Although sometimes I wonder if I’m the last person on the planet to ‘learn’ certain things.  For example, I don’t believe I’ve heard the term ‘bento’ before.  I didn’t know there was actually a word to describe those cute kiddie (or otherwise) little meals!  Have I been living under a rock?  How did I suddenly learn this term?  Well, Kathy from Eclecticlamb ‘liked’ one of my posts…so I visited her site, and Wha-La!  I learned something NEW!  Thanks Kathy!

ben-to [ben-toh; Japanese ben-taw] a meal, usually served in a lacquered or elaborately decorated box that is divided into sections for holding individual portions of food.

Pinterest has lots of ideas to start with:


I used to have some divided plastic containers….hmmm, where are they?  If I find them, I think I’ll try to create a bento of my own!  Learn or DO something NEW today!

4 thoughts on “learning something NEW (bento)

  1. You don’t need to use the divided plastic containers, unless you or your bento recipient isn’t into food ‘touching’ other food. I usually use one or two boxes for most of my lunches. Although there’s nothing wrong with the divided containers – just don’t go buy some if you can’t find the ones you already have 🙂


    • Great tip…thanks! I know one individual that doesn’t like food ‘touching’…but I think everyone else realizes that it ‘all goes to the same place’:o) I’ll definitely go to your site for inspiration when I try this! Thanks, and keep up the creativity!


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