a NEW split pea soup recipe


Hi all!  So here is pic of the fixin’s of a NEW recipe I’m going to try today.  Split Pea Soup! I’ve never made split pea soup before….mainly because I just remember a watery-green, gross looking soup, which I had no desire to make.  But since I had left-over ham and this recipe at Angela’s Adventures looked so yummy and soooo easy, I’m going to try it!  I’ll add an additional review tomorrow.  We have out-of-town guests staying at our house, so I’m hoping it’ll be a hit.  Again, I’ll let you know.  Have a great Saturday, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

REVIEW:  My house guests liked it!  My husband liked it!  I kind of liked it…it reminded me a little bit of the baby food peas I use to feed my babies :o).  I couldn’t get my teenage boys to touch it.  Overall, I’m glad I tried it.  (I can say I’ve done it now!)  But it probably won’t be a regular recipe of ours.