another NEW photo challenge..Sunday Stills

Happy Sunday!

I love a NEW photo challenge because it encourages me to get out and shoot more…or at least flip through my recent photo files. I recently learned about the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge and this week’s theme is shades of brown.

On our trip to NC last month, I appreciated this fellow who was out in the stream fishing. It brought another point of interest to my photo. I figured his pants were a shade of brown, but many of the leaves were a shade of brown as well, so I chose this photo as my entry in the challenge.

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!

6 thoughts on “another NEW photo challenge..Sunday Stills

  1. Hi Lenore (read your about page), and welcome to Sunday Stills! I am always excited when new folks drop in and share their love of photography! Like you I’m always happy to learn or at least see something new. I love your image–I see the whole image in brown tones because the water holds brown hues. I have a Sunday Stills page with posted themes each month in advance. Next week’s theme is “vivid,” so show us something new and vivid! Thank you for linking to Sunday Stills!

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