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Happy Thursday!

I think this quote originally said ‘The palest ink is always sharper than the best memory’…which is true.  Writing things down is so important! (I need to do better at keeping a journal!)  But I thought this quote also pertained to photography.  With these photographs, I’ll always be able to remember our hike to these waterfalls in Zion National Park.  I’ll remember slipping and sliding on the mud as I walked behind a small waterfall (lower right photo). I used to think I’d remember certain things forever…but, no!…now I know my memory fades.  That is why I love photography, I guess.

Have a terrific day!  Learn or do something NEW!

7 thoughts on “a NEW Thursday Thought

  1. One thing I love about my blog is that I can refer back to posts from the past, and refresh my memories, with photos as well as words. You are so right that memories fade and distort things, mine is a fine example!


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  3. These are just beautiful photographs. My husband always wonders why I take so many…I never want to forget. Thanks for your inspiration for next post..I love waterfalls. Lovely post!

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  4. Spectacular photo memories, Lenore! My photos are my most treasured possessions. I love looking back at all of the wonderful memories! Happy Autumn days! ♡

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