NEW thoughts on being INTERESTING


I’ve been holed up in my computer room today…trying to stay out of the way of the construction people re-doing my kitchen. Whoot! Can’t wait for that project to be finished!  My kitchen is 21+ years old and was needing some serious attention.  I’ll be sure to post some pics later on.  But….today I was doing a bit of surfing/browsing/wasting time as I stayed out of the worker’s way.  One blog I was reading linked to this post on “How To Be Interesting“.  🙂 Interesting huh???

I think I’ve determined that I should be a VERY interesting person, because I’m interested in TONS of stuff (that’s a requirement, according to Mr Davies).  However, the second requirement for being interesting is being able to share.  Well…..hmmm…that is NoT my strong point 😦  I’m TERRIBLE at tooting my own horn.  I’d way rather listen to other people than share my own opinion…(because I already know my opinion, right?…I’d like to know theirs!)  I have a friend {Darci} that tells me she needs a crow-bar to get anything out of me.  Ok, ok…I need to do better at sharing.   Yet this blog is a way to do that (see item #2 of Mr Davies list), so I’m on the right track.  How many of the ten items listed do you do?

Well, the construction men just left…time to get something accomplished!  Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW today!

p.s.  The photo of the swimmer is just a random pic…(my son as he did a triathlon a few weeks ago).  I thought it would be INTERESTING to make you wonder the relevance of it.  Ha!