NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Wednesday everyone!  As you know, I LOVE learning NEW stuff.  Yet, I frequently wonder….am I really learning this NEW stuff for the first time?…or have I just forgotten about it and then re-learnt it, as if it were NEW?  That feeling reminds me of this funny-ism:


Nevertheless, I’d like to share NEW stuff I’ve learned about this week:

Brain Training  (Because I’m a certified brain science junkie too!)

NEW Culinary Terms….I recently made a NEW recipe that asked me to make a roux, so I was curious of what other culinary terms I didn’t know and researched some NEW ones.  However, you’ll notice that ‘roux’ isn’t listed!  So FYI: Roux:  A cooked mixture of butter of other fat and flour used to thicken sauces, soups, etc.

And lastly, I learned that I WANT (badly) a set of lens extensions…cuz macro lenses are too darn expensive!  I learned more about lens extensions HERE.

Have a great day!  Learn (or re-learn) something NEW today!

{photo source: dogwood_springs_photography}

a NEW app and NEW sites to enjoy


There’s nothing like waking up to the aches and flu-like symptoms to start a weekend off!  I took a sick-day off work today and I’m hoping these symptoms get better instead of worse!  So while I’m resting and trying to feel better I visited a few websites that always seem to inspire me, but I haven’t gone to for quite a while.  I know they always have good stuff, but life is life and I don’t normally have hours to spend on the computer 🙂  I know you know what I’m sayin’!

So!…I’ve rediscovered a few:

I think I’ve mentioned this site before, but it’s such a motivating site for my photography efforts.  Check it out if you haven’t yet….it’s called Light StalkingGood stuff!

Now, you all know I LOVE doing or learning or reading NEW things.  I’m also interested in how I can accelerate learning.  That subject is a fascinating one for me.  So today I took the time to watch 5D Secrets of Accelerated Learning.  It was about an hour long, but I really liked it.  Loved, loVED, LOVED Tanya Moore’s accent!  Good stuff!

And lastly, I found a NEW app I want to use.  It’s call Stuck on Earth and I heard about it from the Digital Photography School’s newsletter that came in my email.  I was reading the article about 5 Creative Ways to Find New Locations to Photograph and they recommended this app.  Sounds very cool, so I’m going to download it soon.

Have a GREAT day!  Learn or DO something NEW!

ps. You may know that my goal is to post photos from my own stash whenever possible, but sorry, I don’t have a picture of me being sick (thank goodness….what an awful sight!)  So in honor of the snow that appeared on the ground this morning, I’m posting a my favorite winter scene from last year.