NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Wednesday everyone!  As you know, I LOVE learning NEW stuff.  Yet, I frequently wonder….am I really learning this NEW stuff for the first time?…or have I just forgotten about it and then re-learnt it, as if it were NEW?  That feeling reminds me of this funny-ism:


Nevertheless, I’d like to share NEW stuff I’ve learned about this week:

Brain Training  (Because I’m a certified brain science junkie too!)

NEW Culinary Terms….I recently made a NEW recipe that asked me to make a roux, so I was curious of what other culinary terms I didn’t know and researched some NEW ones.  However, you’ll notice that ‘roux’ isn’t listed!  So FYI: Roux:  A cooked mixture of butter of other fat and flour used to thicken sauces, soups, etc.

And lastly, I learned that I WANT (badly) a set of lens extensions…cuz macro lenses are too darn expensive!  I learned more about lens extensions HERE.

Have a great day!  Learn (or re-learn) something NEW today!

{photo source: dogwood_springs_photography}

a NEW exploring experience

exploritorium {source}

I’m SUPER excited to do some NEW exploring in the next several months! I’ll be volunteering at at NEW exhibit in our area that’s all about exploring science and art. It’s a traveling exhibit and last week I went to a training so I could help “facilitate” learning when I volunteer. The trainers were from The Exploritorium in San Francisco and they did a really good job!

Have any of you been to The Exploritorium in SF? It’s now on my list for when we visit there next (not sure when that will be! :o)  But I went to their website and poked around.  It looked like they have some fun online activities and a couple of free apps for iPad that I’m going to check out.

So, it will be a fun NEW experience to watch children (and others)  explore at this new exhibit! It’s called  “The Tinkering Exhibit” and it’s  VERY hands-on!  I’m gonna have FUN!  What NEW thing will you do or learn today?  Hope it’s an awesome day!