Learn something NEW

My curiosity got the better of me again today…I wanted to learn something NEW!  It just so happens that I just got off the phone with my doctor’s office. I called to request a prescription for the anti-motion sickness patch. Yes, we’re going to the Caribbean on a cruise soon….can’t wait!!!…and I’m quite susceptible to motion sickness. So I have been wondering how, exactly, does this patch work????? Well, I learned that the drug blocks signals from the inner ear to the brain that typically would tell the brain that you are off-balance.  So, I guess when the brain doesn’t know any better, it won’t tell your nervous stomach to get queasy etc!  Amazing!  Check out:  How Does a Motion Sickness Patch Work? and the Wiki.  You know, one thing about being a curious cat is….I could spend my entire day finding out about NEW things!  If you read the Wiki article, you might be tempted to research more about biosynthesis, the relationship of the motion sickness patch to The Truth Drug, and how the Communist Secret Police used it….(and on and on and on)!!!

Research something NEW today!