a NEW class for the NEW year


Well, it’s a NEW year and I’m taking a NEW class!  I’m excited!  The class is on how to do family history.  I LOVE doing family history (as my previous post mentioned) and I’ve already taken a LOT of classes on the subject, so I’m hoping to learn something NEW!

{I can’t wait for the day when teachers can scan your brain cells to see what you already know, and then go ahead and teach you what you don’t know!  Ha!  Someone please get busy on that invention, RIGHT AWAY OK?!?!!! :o)}

Everyone MUST should visit The Thinking Closet and check out the journaling she did about her ancestors!  SO FUN!


Also, I thought I’d share a list of ways to start working on your family history. Family History DOES NOT just mean names on a pedigree chart!

1 Think about your ancestors

2 Celebrate important dates in the lives of your ancestors.

3 Make a family calendar of these important dates

4 Make plans now for how to pass on family heirlooms and documents

5 Copy documents of your family for each child as they leave home

6 Gather and label old photographs

7 Visit cemeteries where ancestors are buried, record headstone information

8 Start a timeline for each of your children

9 Write about a typical day in the life of you, your spouse, or your child

10 Keep trip journals when on family vacations

11 Record family stories and legends

12 Write a paragraph about every living relative you personally know

13 Frame and display photos of family members and ancestors in  your home

14 Index your journals.  List important events and where they can be found (page numbers, or dates)

15 Create a map and pinpoint locations of your ancestors and their migration

Is there something on this list you could start with?  Have a terrific day and learn or do something NEW!

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  1. have fun with your family history. I work in a museum archives and I get a lot of people doing genealogy. My favorite time is when someone finds a historic photo of someone in the family. {:-Deb


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