Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  I’ve previously mentioned how much I appreciate people that do things, simply to make people smile.  I think this truck does exactly that.  This truck lives in a town just south of where I live.  Such a fun idea!  (If you missed the previous post….go HERE for a smile :o)

Well, other than the fun truck and the NEW medical terms I’ve learned lately from having a husband with a broken neck….like: comminuted fracture, Jefferson fracture,  and Miami J brace…here are a few other NEW things that have caught my attention lately:

1 minute 6 pack abs….I like exercises I can incorporate into my daily routine.


I’ve added a few items to my ‘Should Try Sometime’ pinterest board…such as: DIY lemon extract!  Who knew!

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!!!



Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

Well my past week has been busy with a large project at home, and unfortunately photography sessions have NOT happened {so sad}.  This pic is from a while ago…I really love how even weeds can look kind of cool…in the right lighting! :o)

My large project has been switching my computer room with our guest room.  The guest room was MUCH larger and had an adjacent bathroom.  Very nice for guests, but we don’t have guests all THAT often!  So, I switched rooms and I LOVE IT!!!  So much better!  It’s now a computer room/craft room; and I now have a ‘Project Table’ right in front of a large window…(great for photography).  It’s just SUCH a more efficient set up.  Maybe I’ll take some pics after I’m all done organizing.  PLUS! There’s a large open area that I could even watch some exercise youtube videos and workout in my computer room/craft room!  My favorite YouTube exercise guru is Zuzka Light (I love her accent too)!

I also have a NEW interest: PYROGRAPHY!  I noticed this site {HERE} that had a cool project and it’s now on my bucket list of things I want to try.  Let me know if any of you have any tips!

Lastly!  I wanna share this site I found that had Post Race Recovery Tips.  I used a couple of these tips on Saturday after a long-hard bike ride.  I wasn’t sore the next day, which was really surprising, cuz it was a killer ride!  But I thought they were good tips.  AND…a tip from personal experience:  If you empty out, then turn off your freezer, before you head out for a 3-hour bike ride, when you get home you feel SO EFFICIENT!  It’s like you were multi-tasking and you just wipe out the NEWly defrosted freezer and WHA-LA!  Such a good feeling!

Have a GREAT Monday!  Do or Learn something NEW!



Miscellaneous Monday…NEW random stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  I just got home from yoga and thought I’d hurry and post a few miscellaneous items before heading off to work.  So…along with this random waterwheel photo from my archives, I thought I’d share a good app that my son recommended.  He’s a bodybuilder type and we recently asked him about some specific exercises we should be doing.  He said, ‘Just download Body Space app’…which I did.  They have an exercise database which I really like!  No more getting bored of the same ol’ exercises for different body parts.  You all know I love NEW stuff!

Also, here’s a good video clip.  I’m fascinated with accelerated learning:

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

a NEW ‘Nailed It’ experience


You all know about the popular ‘Nailed It’ meme, right?

cupcakenailed{source: cheezburger.com}

Well, yes, I have my own Failed Nailed It experience to share with you 🙂  I saw this very cool exercise belt that I really wanted to make (at Pink Polka Dot Creations) because the arm-band that I bought for my iPhone to run/exercise with is ANNOYING!!!  Anyway…I guess I’ve never really sewn on spandex before, so it was a NEW experience.  That junk is SLIPPERY!  How do you do it?????   I even had a REALLY pretty blue fold-over elastic to add to the edges.  But I didn’t even get that far.  Do you see all the puckers around the zipper? (The zipper was suppose to be the easy part!  The tutorial mentioned sewing the elastic edge part was a “litte tricky”!)  I gave up 😦

I MAY try it again, but I’m going to research if there’s any tricks to sewing on that impossibly slippery stuff before I do!  Let me know if you have the secret!

Have a great day!  Do something NEW!…even if  you ‘nail it’!