a NEW very tragic family history find

Fatal Barn Raising Accident June 1899

Hey!  Happy Friday!  I haven’t been out shooting lately {I really need to before the fall colors disappear!}…but I’ve been spending hours and hours and hours on family history.  I think I’ll take a break and at least do the dishes. :o)

I thought I’d share the story of one family I’ve been researching.  They had a very sad week in June of 1899.  A brother and a brother-in-law were helping with a barn raising and something went terribly wrong and the wall they were putting up crashed down on them (and other men).  The two family members died and then one of their wives died from the shock of hearing of her husband’s death!  (Now I’m just so curious to know if she had a weak heart to begin with, OR WHAT?!?…I don’t think I’ll ever know.)  Sad times!

Ok…the dishes are calling my name.  Have a great weekend!  Do or learn something NEW!

5 thoughts on “a NEW very tragic family history find

  1. How sad! As for the wife, we will never know for sure but I am betting that she died of a broken heart. Yes there is such a syndrome as that which is the actual cause of death on hearing shocking news, regardless of the health of the person.


  2. Oh my goodness, what a sad story! I can’t remember if we may have identified this before, but did you know I have roots in Groton NY as well? I will have to ask my Mom, but I’m pretty sure Lamar Smith is one of ours!


    • Oh wow! No, I don’t think we’ve made that connection with Groton. I’m usually concentrating in Oneida county. Let me know what your Mom says. I found that article at FultonHistory.com (LOVE that site for New York family history!!!)


  3. What a find! I wonder about the wife thing…sometimes dying of a broken heart is polite code for a suicide…or maybe she was just very, very delicate!


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