a NEW endeavor (wish me luck)


Hi all!  Ok…here’s my announcement:  I am committed to taking a photo a day of our normal, every day family life and making some sort of Project Life scrapbook after 30 days.  You know, I do have a smart phone, and it has been “reminding” me to do this for some time now!  How come I haven’t been do it?  Dunno!  But today I started and by blogging about it and saying that I’m committed….well, I’ll let you know.  Yes, I really want to do this, so in 30 days I’ll report.  Then soon after, I’ll show you my 30 day scrapbook.

I made scrapbooks for each of my boys when they were little, but since they’ve become teenagers, well….they simply don’t stop long enough for me to take their pictures very often.  I loved watching them flip through their ‘books’ when they were younger.  I loved that they felt special to have a book ‘All About Them’!  And that’s still important….so again, I’m committed!  If the photo above was taken within this 30 days and was in the Project Life scrapbook, I know my boys would love reminiscing about watching that lizard (or whatever it technically is) climb up the side of the building in Grand Cayman after they swam with the dolphin.  Fun times!  Maybe I’ll have to cheat and include that one anyway :o)

If this is something you’d like to try, there are tons of great ideas to get you started. I just bookmarked “9 Clever Ideas for Project Life from Pinterest” at Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking for some inspiration.

What NEW thing are  you going to do or learn today?

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