miscellaneous monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  Don’t you just LOVE all the colors of spring???  I’m in heaven!  We recently took a trip to St George in southern Utah – also known as Utah’s Dixie because it’s so warm there.  Their flowers bloom probably a good month or more before ours do, so it was fantastic to visit there and do some shooting.  It snowed here just a couple of days ago!

In other miscellany:

I’ve been doing a ton of genealogy research on my husband’s lines in preparation of being an “Ancestral Tourist” next week.  We are heading to Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec where his  people are from.  I haven’t previously done much research in Canada, but have found good success.  My research tip of the day, is to check out BMS2000.org.

What I’ve been reading:


I’m working through Youngblood Hawke which is on my 12 Classics Book Challenge  but it’s such a beast, I’ve had to put it down to get Dragonwyck read for book club, and The Darkling Bride read before it was due back to the library (my friend is a friend of the author and recommended it, so I wanted to get it read before the library gave me a fine! :o).  So I’ll get back to Youngblood Hawke now. Wish me luck in finishing it before I have another reading deadline! :o)

I finished up my Organizing Challenge!  AND happy day! Guess what I found that I though I’d lost forever?  My notebook where, years ago, I had written down a few “cute” little things my boys would say. Yay! Sadly however, I didn’t keep up on writing down what my youngest son said.  He really got left out!  I probably took less photos of him too.  Oh, the woes of a youngest child!

So, that’s it for today’s miscellaneous items.  Have a great day and go ahead…try to do something NEW today!






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  1. What a fun little article! Felt like I was right there with you. 🙂 Gave me a cozy feeling lol

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