a NEW {fabulous} hike


Happy Friday!  Well, recently hubby and I took a short weekend getaway and went on this hike that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now (remember I told you about it a few posts back? :o).  It did not disappoint! Such a fun hike…and beautiful, am I right?!?

For most of the hike, we were trekking through this creek bed and I’m SO glad we invested in some trekking poles for this one!  Our boys really razzed us when we got home and they saw our poles, but I’m tellin’ ya, those wet, mossy, river rocks are slippery suckers, and if we wouldn’t have had those poles, we’d have been a LOT wetter than we were!

I have plenty more pics from this hike that I’ll likely share (hopefully they won’t get too tiring).

Have a great day! Pick out a NEW hike and put it on your to-explore list!