My NEW laundry room organization


I’m totally thrilled! The little sewing corner in my laundry room (which I blogged about earlier) has now expanded!  I now have a cabinet for my baskets….the ‘drawer’ above the baskets will actually be a pull-out ironing board (not finished quite yet)…and a hutch for ribbon and wrapping paper!  I’m SO excited to efficiently use that space in my laundry room!  Here are a few details:


There are three notches for the dowels in each row.  That way I can either stagger the paper/ribbon or use one, two or all three spaces!


I’ll use the cupboard on the left to store other gift-giving paraphernalia like bows, small gift bags, etc.  The cupboard on the right will be used for the additional sewing supplies that I don’t have up on the peg-board.  I’m love, loVE, LOVING it!  Happy Valentines Day!

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7 thoughts on “My NEW laundry room organization

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  2. that is so amazing. i learn something new…thanks…and by the way thanks also for liking my post A newfound home..i’m looking forward for more tips from you.


  3. That is amazing, I’d love a little nook like that to sew and craft, will have to work on building it into my plans! Thanks for liking my blog earlier by the way I’m brand new to this so the confidence boost was appreciated


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