NEW Mantle Decor


Happy Tuesday!  You know…one thing I love about blogging is, it keeps me somewhat accountable regarding my projects.  I’m sure you don’t remember  (but I do!!!)….that I previously mentioned I’d like to have different mantle décor every month.  Well…that really hasn’t happened in 2014.  BUT, I remember typing that statement, and it IS a true statement…I’ve just gotta make it happen in 2015…or 2016.  SO…here’s November’s décor.  I have stuff for December…but January needs some serious help!  Wish me luck…and any great ideas would be greatly appreciated also!


Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW November mantle


Hi all!  I thought I’d share my NEW November mantle today.  (I couldn’t leave the Halloween witches up until I put up my Christmas stockings, right?)

I think I’ll try to make my mantle different each month….or at least something NEW as often as I can!  Does anyone have any ideas for January’s mantle?  Let me know!

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!

no NEW recipe this Thanksgiving

Hi all!  Well, as you know, I love, loVE, LOVE trying NEW things….but I never get to try any NEW recipes for Thanksgiving because we typically travel to a family member’s home and I’m always asked to bring my famous rolls!  They are REALLY yummy!  I got the recipe from an elderly friend years ago (she was quite famous for her dinner rolls too).  So, I’m just sayin’….it’s a GREAT recipe!  Try it out!

Sometimes I put some left-over dough in the freezer and bake the rolls another day….however I occasionally forget they’re there and when I pull them out, they really don’t rise very well.  BUT!….in that case, I just make scones out of them….(see tomorrow’s post for more info).

Do  you get to try NEW recipes for Thanksgiving?….Or are you always expected to bring a specialty?  Everyone have a terrific Turkey Day this week!

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a NEW pillow (Pinterest inspired copycat)

Ok….I tried something NEW 😮  I fell in love with this cute pillow on Pinterest :

(originally posted at the TomKat Studio) and decided to try to replicate it.  I made three of them so I can share the love with at least two other friends and/or family.  I searched and searched to find the same font they used….(failed).  So I finally decided on the “Amaze” font and just free-handed the extra curly cues.

Try something NEW today! Even if it’s copying something off of Pinterest!

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