no NEW recipe this Thanksgiving

Hi all!  Well, as you know, I love, loVE, LOVE trying NEW things….but I never get to try any NEW recipes for Thanksgiving because we typically travel to a family member’s home and I’m always asked to bring my famous rolls!  They are REALLY yummy!  I got the recipe from an elderly friend years ago (she was quite famous for her dinner rolls too).  So, I’m just sayin’….it’s a GREAT recipe!  Try it out!

Sometimes I put some left-over dough in the freezer and bake the rolls another day….however I occasionally forget they’re there and when I pull them out, they really don’t rise very well.  BUT!….in that case, I just make scones out of them….(see tomorrow’s post for more info).

Do  you get to try NEW recipes for Thanksgiving?….Or are you always expected to bring a specialty?  Everyone have a terrific Turkey Day this week!

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2 thoughts on “no NEW recipe this Thanksgiving

  1. yum..rolls look delish, i’ll have to get some powdered milk and give these a try..we try a few new recipes every few years, but i like having my old faithful recipes,they are so good,but so full of butter and fat its my one time of year i get to eat them!…sarah


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