a NEW photo and a NEW Friday challenge


Happy Friday!

Are you tired of my travel photos yet?  Here’s one of the Maine coastline.  I’m a sucker for water photos!

Well, Fridays tend to be my ‘challenge’ post days. I’ve been wanting to tackle a 365 photo challenge, but that’s too scary at the moment (I’d probably fail before I got to day 3!).  So, I’ve decided I’d start with some sort of photography challenge – but one that doesn’t mean you fail if you miss a day.  I’ve decided to do this one (I found it here):


Actually, this might take me decades to complete…because I don’t have any travel plans to the Great Wall of China…yet. But as I look through the list, I think I’ve already got some completed.  Baseball game = check! Slow SS waterfall = check! Bee on a flower = check!

I hope this will be a kick in the rear to go out and shoot more often!

Have a great Friday!  Do or learn something NEW!