time for a NEW bucket list

Have you made a bucket list yet?  Apparently I need a NEW one!  I made a bucket list on the Day Zero Project website in September of 2010 and I recently reviewed it.  Well….there are a few things that will be impossible to get done by my May 2013 completion date!  You’re suppose to list 101 things to do within 1001 days, and baby, it just aint gonna happen!  By the way, that site is almost as addicting as Pinterest!  I could spend hours looking through random people’s lists, looking for that great idea that I should add to my list!  Some of them are actually quite interesting!  Other bloggers have lists that are interesting and motivating.  Lately I’ve noticed 101 in 1001 day lists at Melinda’s Fitness Blog and (Don’t be) too timid and squeamish.    Ohhh!….and I forgot to add this one…Awesome Travel Bucket list at Travel Log.

So, yes,  I’ll need to revise mine soon….either now or in May when there’s absolutely no hope left :o)  That’s ok though….’The Only Constant is Change’…right?

Have a terrific day!….Do something NEW!   Mark something off your bucket list!

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