a NEW way to buy tomatillos

Is it just the area where I live?….or is it difficult to find a grocery stores that sells canned tomatillos elsewhere too???  I finally found a store that carries them, but WOWZA!  $3.18 per can?!?!  I bought a few cans then promptly came home and checked on Amazon.  HELLO!…they were $1.84 a can!  Yes, I now have a NEW way of buying tomatillos!  I need them for this FANTASTIC recipe (see below).

I stray from the recipe slightly and use a quesadilla maker:

I also use the GREAT TIP of sprinkling cheese directly on the grill, which I learned at Redheaded Hostess …(she has other great ideas for quesadillas too)!  If you try these, let me know what you think!  Have an awesome day!