NEWly organized pots and pans

I do NOT think pots and pans were created to live in cupboards….they are just too oddly shaped and it typically isn’t efficient use of space. Am I right? I prefer to hang my pots and pans. I’ve loved my curtain rod in my pantry, which I’ve had for a few years now, but I recently added a NEW second rod. {see the old/single rod below}

What’s great is the second rod only took up a couple more inches of pantry space, and I can hang twice as many pots and pans. SCorE! I love efficiency…especially brand-spankin’-NEW efficiency!

3 thoughts on “NEWly organized pots and pans

  1. My pots and pans are in a cabinet….which is, as you say, too small.
    Piled in one on top the other, and hard to get in and out.
    Always seems that the one I need, is closest to the bottom.


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