a NEW tip for your tablescape endeavors

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Merry Christmas Eve!  I wasn’t really planning on posting today, because….well, it’s Christmas Eve, and I didn’t think I’d take the time.  But!…as you can see, my table is all set and waiting for dinner to be served.  The hubby is out shoveling snow (for the 2nd or 3rd time today), the boys are involved in a game and so, here I am!

We don’t get the fancy tablecloth and real napkins out too often..because with a house full of boys, well, they really just DON’T CARE!  Yes, the food they care about, but the tablescape, not so much :o)  So I got the fancy Christmas china out today for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner…took a pic of the fancy table…and noticed the  WRINKLED  table-cloth!


Ideally, I’d have taken the time to iron the cloth before I set the table…but (obviously) I didn’t.   It’s then, that I remembered a little trick I saw a very experienced tablescaper perform last year.  We were setting up for a Senior Citizens Christmas brunch last year and after getting the tablecloths out of a bin, and onto the tables, this lady proceeded to spritz all of the tables with a little water from a spray bottle.  It immediately made sense….and I wondered why I’d never thought of this trick or seen anyone else do that!  (Am I the only one this ‘trick’ is NEW to?????)  Ha!   I don’t think I’ll ever really iron a tablecloth ever again….even if I do think about it before I set the table!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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  1. Great idea! I’ll be doing that from now on. And I’m hoping it snows properly soon, because I’m SO going to copy that snowman on his head!


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