NEW {repurposed} Halloween Decor


Less than a week until Halloween! Eek!¬† I’ve gotta go buy bags of candy ūüėģ¬† I don’t have a ton of Halloween decorations, but I thought I’d share this year’s Halloween mantle with you today.¬† Sorry the photo is at a weird angle…it was hard not to get some light reflecting off the picture frame glass.¬† (Yes, I was WAY TOO lazy to take the glass out!)

I saw this print of vintage witches last year, and ordered the print quite some time ago.¬† I recently got around to framing it, and then whipped out the candles we had from my son’s wedding earlier in the year:


And wha-la!¬† Repurposed Halloween mantle.¬† So easy!¬† Just a bit of fake cobwebs to finish it off.¬† It looks especially spooky with all the candles “lit”.

Have you decorated for Halloween?  Do or Learn something NEW! Have a great day!

NEW (DIY) Wedding Centerpieces


Wow!¬† Where did the week go?¬† Seriously!…I¬†just realized I really haven’t posted in quite a while.¬† So!…I want to show you my¬†latest¬†DIY project.¬† My son is getting married soon.¬† The grooms family is in charge of the wedding dinner, and the happy couple has decided on a BBQ theme.¬† You can visit my “BBQ Wedding Dinner Ideas” board on Pinterest¬†and see all the cool things I’ve found!

So the candle centerpiece above¬†will be on the tables….probably under a square of burlap on a white table-cloth.¬† My inspiration came from this burlap covered can from Red Chandelier,


and this distress wooden box from Shanty 2 Chic


The baby’s breath (gypsophila) is about two or three weeks old in this picture.¬† But you don’t mind, do you?¬† OH!…and the BEST part is these COOL candles!¬† (link to Amazon…No open flame!!)

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW tip for your tablescape endeavors

christmas tablescape

Merry Christmas Eve!¬† I wasn’t really planning on posting today, because….well, it’s Christmas Eve, and I didn’t think I’d take the time.¬† But!…as you can see, my table is all set and waiting for dinner to be served.¬† The hubby is out shoveling snow (for the 2nd or 3rd time today), the boys are involved in a game and so, here I am!

We don’t get the fancy tablecloth¬†and real napkins out too often..because with a house full of boys, well, they really just¬†DON’T CARE!¬† Yes, the food they care about, but the tablescape, not so much :o)¬† So I got the fancy Christmas china out today for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner…took a pic of the fancy table…and noticed the¬† WRINKLED¬† table-cloth!


Ideally, I’d have taken the time to iron the cloth before I set the table…but (obviously) I didn’t.¬†¬† It’s then, that I remembered a little trick I saw a¬†very experienced tablescaper¬†perform last year.¬† We were setting up for a Senior Citizens Christmas brunch last year and after getting the tablecloths¬†out of a bin, and onto the tables, this lady proceeded to spritz all of the tables with a little water from a spray bottle.¬† It immediately made sense….and I wondered why I’d never thought of this trick or seen anyone else do that!¬† (Am I the only one this ‘trick’ is NEW to?????)¬† Ha!¬†¬† I don’t think I’ll ever really iron a tablecloth ever again….even if I do think about it before I set the table!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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