Gift Giving – a skill to cultivate this NEW year


I’ve added a NEW goal to my long list of goals!  I recently had a birthday, and I decided I want to be more like my dear friend Jill.  She is a MASTER gift giver!  She is so thoughtful, and I want to cultivate that characteristic in myself!  For years, she has always remembered by birthday….always given me sweet, thoughtful gifts.  I want to be JUST.LIKE.HER!!!   She is just as busy as anyone else I know…yet she must make it a priority in her life to be a kind, loving person and show that kindness by being a master gift giver!

Like any skill or habit I try to cultivate, I typically first research ideas on the internet….so that’s what I’ve been doing today.  So, of course, I thought I’d share a few links with you.  The first thing I’ve done is install a NEW app on my phone especially for reminding me about the birthdays and other special days of the people I love.  Next, I read a great blog article entitled ‘The Art of Gift Giving’ at Reeve Writes.  Highly recommended!  Good stuff. Another article I found was HERE…basically I think master gift givers are really good listeners  (with good memories too…or else they write down their gift ideas).

I’m excited to cultivate this NEW skill in my life!  Do any of you have any great advice to help me with this endeavor?  I’d love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Gift Giving – a skill to cultivate this NEW year

  1. Great goal for 2013, it sounds like fun. I like to look at their personal space like their kitchen or office to see if there are any themes on their desk. People usually surround themselves with things that make them happy. You can see if they like dogs or focused on their kids or maybe likes to go to exotic places for vacation.. If not, see what topics they talk about a lot, that’s usually a good clue on what they are currently into..


  2. Such a lovely idea! Noting birthdays also makes it possible to prepare something / make a gift yourself (if time allows 🙂 – I love the recipe to the cheese balls in your former post – yummy!
    And thank you for your sweet note you left on my blog 🙂


  3. I keep a notebook and jot down ideas I get when I’m with people I’m going to make/buy gifts for . . . things they talk about or admire. You can also check out their Pinterest pages to see what they like! 🙂


  4. Hi! Great post! I love trying to think of thoughtful gifts but time can sometimes be a real issue for me. I am going to have a wee read at the links you posted and make sure I can get inspired for my friends upcoming birthdays etc. Louise 🙂


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