Variations on a ROLL theme

uncooked cinnamon rolls

Hi all!  You know, when I make rolls…see recipe in previous post (you’ll want to…because it’s a GREAT recipe!), I typically make rolls and bread sticks, or rolls and cinnamon rolls, or rolls and monkey bread etc.   Over the weekend I made this batch.  I added raisins to my cinnamon rolls, and when my sister came over, she was THRILLED!  She mentioned that she loves raisins and hardly anyone puts raisins in cinnamon rolls anymore!  On the other hand, one of my sons wouldn’t touch them because of the raisins.  YOU JUST CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE ALL OF THE TIME!!! Right?

What is your preference? (I’m taking a non-scientific poll)  Raisins -OR- No Raisins?

Also, I wanted to let you know of a variation for bread sticks.  I usually sprinkle this on my bread sticks:


Yup!  McCormick’s Salad Supreme!  Who knew it would be so yummy on bread!  Here’s a pic of my last batch:


The seasoning makes the bread sticks more colorful and adds a yummy flavor.  Try a NEW variation with your rolls next time you bake!  Have a great day!  (And don’t forget to comment and let me know whether you prefer raisins or no raisins! )

2 thoughts on “Variations on a ROLL theme

  1. Oh, and I am partial to raisins… so is my little boy. I can live without them in most things, but they’re nice for a change. Saffron buns here tend to come with raisins (just 2!), but not cinnamon 🙂


  2. Yum! Your bread creations look fabulous! I have a yeast phobia ;)… so have stayed clear of bread-making for a while. Should try it though! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


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