NEW genealogical stuff in my brain!


Wow! This week (and last week) has WHIZZED by!  I guess I’ve been overly busy with things.   Along with all the ‘normal-life’ activities…I took a fun NEW class on Photoshop last week and went to a Family History conference this week.  All GOOD stuff….so I have some NEW stuff in my brain.  Yeah! 🙂

I realized I hadn’t been out shooting much this week, but wanted to continue with the Alicia’s Project Nurture Photography Challenge.  This week’s theme is green(easy!), so I hurriedly went out to the backyard and took a pic of the lilac bushes…just starting to bud and blossom.  Therefore, here’s my entry for this week  (above).

So…about this NEW genealogical stuff in my brain:  I want to share one GREAT thing that’s happening in the world of family history.  There’s a project underway called the “Preserve The Pensions – War of 1812”.  When its completed, it should be wonderful!  One of the presentations I attended today explained that in order for people to get their military pensions, they had to prove they were entitled to them.  Makes sense, right?  However!…Since they couldn’t just go down to the copy-shop and make a copy of their marriage certificate, family bible or other important documents..guess what many did!?!?!  They TORE OUT the page of the family bible, (for instance the ‘Marriages’ page) and sent THE ORIGINAL into the government as proof they were married to the soldier and should be eligible for benefits!  WOW!!!!  So this project is in the process of digitizing all the files… (all those original documents)!  Such a GREAT thing!  They have a long way to go and it’s expensive, so they’d like donations.  What they have digitized so-far is free on  Check it out!

Have a great day and DO OR LEARN SOMETHING NEW!

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7 thoughts on “NEW genealogical stuff in my brain!

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  2. Busy can be good! Sounds like lots of exciting things in your life. (And interesting info about the genealogy records.) Thanks so much for taking the time to join our Green Week for the Nurture Photography Challenge. Your lilac bush is lovely! I’m sure it smells amazing. I hope you’ll join us for Lilac/Flowers week if you have a chance. 🙂


  3. It is amazing the speed of life!! I love to learn new things, and consider myself a life long learner. Good for you for expanding your knowledge. I swear I learn something new daily in Photoshop. Now if I could only keep it all straight.
    For just running out and taking a shot of your bushes, it is a lovely photo.


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